SEA HORIZON: A new Roguelike with dice

Sea Horizon - Trailer
Sea Horizon: Early Access Launch Trailer

Sea Horizon is the new video game from 45 Studio available in early access on steam starting May 2nd. It’s a turn-based RPG with elements and combat mechanics typical of the Roguelike genre.

So, let’s find out more about this interesting project, trying to unravel the mysteries around the Myrihyn‘s land.

An uncharted land

The land of Myrihyn shattered into thousands of islands. Therefore sailing is the most efficient way to travel.

Lead the protagonists on an incredible and mysterious adventure. They have to discover the mysterious islands and stop the invasion of the dark fiend. Since each path is random and unique, choose carefully.

SEA HORIZON: A new Roguelike with dice

A casual and inspired combat system

Sea Horizon drive adventurers into a typical Roguelike gameplay, by the roll of the dice and an intriguing mechanic of resources randomization, cause the dice roll determine how many resources can be used during the fights.

Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering inspire the combat system, with dice use and turn-based combat as main mechanics.

Fate and luck are determinants for your battle strategy: every dice round could drastically change your destiny.

As an adventurer, you must have a great adaptation spirit to the unexpected, surviving in a ever-changing marine world.

Choose your hero

Sea Horizon offer a lot of choices about weapons and skills for each hero, discoverable and usable according to his abilities.

As you traverse through each adventure, unlock the storyline of your characters , so your abilities will control it, allowing you to reveal new challenges and treasures.

Would you like an even more difficult challenge? With Hell mode unlocked, adventurers are further challenged with the only resources they are left with – each other!

However, are you ready to immerse yourself in the lands of Myrihyn? Download the demo now or get the game in early access by giving your feedback to the developers. Your adventure has just begun!

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