Let’s discover the world of Remore: Infested Kingdom, the upcoming title from the developers of Black Anchor

Remore: Infested Kingdom - Kickstarter Trailer

We tried the Demo of Remore: Infested Kingdom and we can’t wait to tell you more about this new video game coming soon to Steam.

But first we’d like to tell you a little more about the developers behind the project…so make yourself comfortable and let’s get going right away!

The young Black Anchor

Black Anchor Studio, is an independent game studio based in South Korea founded in 2020 by three experienced developers who have been working together for 12 years. Their team has since grown to nearly 10 like-minded members whose goal is to explore and expand the possibilities of the gaming genres they love.

Remore: Infested Kingdom- The Devs team

They want to create a rewarding and meaningful gaming experience that reflects their taste and identity as a gamer. They have been developing their “first baby”, Remore: Infested Kingdom, for 3 years making and testing all the mechanics and features they could imagine, and now they are ready to confirm the direction and present this game.

The Outer Plains of Remore

The world of Remore: Infested Kingdom proves to be menacing right away. We play Willam, a survivor. We walk off the Iron Road, paying the utmost attention not to be heard or seen by the monsters that infest the Kingdom. In this first delicate phase, stealth will be our only survival weapon.

Willam, in fact, is trying to reach supplies in the outer plains of Remore.

Remore: Infested Kingdom the beginning

This introductory phase allows us to become familiar with the various strategies for evading enemies. Also make us choose the game difficulty.

Only two out of three of the difficulties are present during the Demo, here they are:

  • Vengeance: Corresponds to “easy“. Enemies are still a threat but can be overcome with aggression
  • Suffering: The “default” game’s difficulty. Full of risk and challenge
  • Despair: Corresponds to “hard“. The most desperate situation where a single mistake lead to death

We have experienced both available difficulties (Vengeance and Suffering) immediately noticing a big change. Both in the number of enemies/monsters that will be thrown at us, and in their resistance and “cunning” in facing us. Thus making the clashes more difficult and longer.

Remore: Infesteed Kingdom - difficulties and monsters

Remore: Infested Kingdom is an exciting turn-based tactical RPG with a 2D view and Pixel Art graphics. It takes us to an apocalyptic infested world with medieval settings. Its survivors are fragile and every step they take could be their last.

Confront the Apocalypse

What you’ll find as Survivors:

  • Explore desolate locations once thriving with life, now deserted cause by the infestation. Get supplies you need in order to survive.
  • Beware the enemies lurking in the darkness, hidden in corners or behind unopened doors. There is always the risk of encountering your death.
  • The enemies do not stand still. They will spot the movement of survivors, then chase and grab them even when it is not their turn.

Historical weapons against monsters

Over 14 types of various historical weapons are usable, each with their own unique abilities. Initially we will not have it and we will rely on the Stealth. As soon as we arrive at the Guardhouse and start the first Mission, we will meet the first survivor, Edwin. He will help us explore the surrounding area and stock up on a wooden shield and not too strong sword. Better than nothing to start with!

Remore: Infested Kingdom - Weapons

Continuing in the game, defeating enemies and monsters and we will have the opportunity to access numerous other weapons: broadswords, leaf blade spear, wooden pitchfork and many others. Each with its own characteristics, strengths and specific rates. Thanks to the materials recovered from the environment, it is possible to modify them. You’ll increase the damage they inflict and adding new skills.

A very important aspect, if you want to avoid getting into trouble, periodically repair the weapons supplied.

Turn-Based Combat – Be in control of the battlefield

Control the battlefield by pushing and pulling enemies or using various tools. We will learn from the meeting with Edwin, the need to be careful where you put your feet! Being a tactical game, in which we move as if on a “chessboard”, we risk falling victim to monsters if we don’t calculate our moves well in advance.

Turn-based combat and battlefield control

Before each attack, it is possible to calmly evaluate (they are not timed rounds) which move to make. The colors that the boxes take on make the choice to be made much easier. This does not mean that something can go wrong. Monsters attack even when it’s not their turn… so watch out, survivors!

If you play well, your chances of survival will increase. Always remember to consult the bar of powers, to read how they work, the energy they require (more movement more the energy used) and the damage which they inflict. Furthermore, is recommended to use attacks that can be chained with those of subsequent turns. Thus inflicting critical damage on enemies.

Sometimes, even if turns are performed with good tactics, it can happen that our character currently in use is captured. This will make it unusable,so we’ll rely on the remaining characters. For example, Willam among his skills has “swift save“, which allows you to rescue the blocked character and free it. Another example of “rescue” we have with Edwin’s ability, “Rope pull“, allows you to recover a captured character (it must be in a range reachable). This skill can also be used on enemies, to get them close (not too much) and then be able to attack them, without risking entering their attack area.

As we progress through the game levels, we will be able to improve our attacks and defenses with invigorating potions and foods.

Take advantage of the environment

Although the environment is hostile and infested with monsters hidden in the most improbable places, we will still be able to dictate the rules of the game and “make fun” of the enemies by drawing them into ambushes and well-designed traps.

Remore: Infested Kingdom - Taking advantage of the environment

We can take advantage of the sight and noise of the enemies to trigger the battle on our terms. Throw a stone to attract attention or set up a high barricade to prevent them from seeing you.

Rest in the hideout

Cook the foods you have collected. A decent amount of food will heal the damage and grant a decent bonus in the next battle. The blacksmith will be the most important NPC in the camp. He can craft, repair, reinforce, and upgrade your weapons, which is key to progression, as well as craft many essential tools.

Remore: Infested Kingdom - Rest in the hideout

Resources will become increasingly scarce, so we will need more supplies than we can get in battle. Send a “scavengerNPC out into the world to find key items.

Technical details for Remore: Infested Kingdom

Unlike the majority of today’s games, this Indie does not require particularly demanding system prerequisites. For clarity, we list them below:


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Processor: i5-750 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Video Card: Nvidia GTX 750 or equivalent
  • Memory: 400MB of available space

When is the release?

For Remore: Infested Kingdom there is currently no official release date, but we know it is “coming soon“. We can only wait for updates from the developers.

The game will be available on Steam. In addition, a new Demo is coming, on the occasion of the Steam Next Fest 2023. It will be available from June 19th to 26th.

Steam Next Fest 2023 and the upcoming demo

Users will be able to experiment with strategies and test their skills in the game world. Moreover they can give their feedback to the developers.

At the end of this article we are curious to know if you will give the next Demo a chance. Let us know in the comments if Remore: Infested Kingdom is up your alley. We will update you as soon as possible but for now…Good luck Survivors!

Good hunting and good Game to all

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