If you’re looking for some adventure, new friends and a new world to live in, Paldea is waiting for you together with the new pokemons, all of them to find out. 

Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet - Trailer

Pokemon trainers 

The ninth generation is nearer than ever:  in a few weeks on the shelves are coming Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet.

Let’s go together to see through this analysis all the news and curiosities, that can be earned by the trailer that Pokemon company has released regarding the two new publishes. 


It’s not a mystery that the Pokemon series is aiming more than ever to an evolution of their titles, expanding the freedom of exploration; as we’ve already seen in the approach to Wild Areas, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and a little bit enhanced in their related DLC, that for the first time they were introduced in a chapter substituting the habitual third title and enlarging, in this way, the lore of the very own chapter and the variety of explorable territories.

The games are pushing themselves towards a more autonomous and wide approach in the exploration of the region, that finds out its peak in the latest released game, Pokemon Legends Archeus, that brings the player’s freedom to new points that has never been reached before, specially for a plot better handled and more mature, making it more complex than the usual Pokemon plots.

With these premises Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are bringing us to the discovery of the new region Paldea, a Pokemon region inspired by Spain, that carries with itself a lot of developments to the formula tested in the last few years, expanding it further.

From what emerged in one of the latest trailer does exist 3 paths that the main character has to deal with in order to become the strongest coach of the region and reveal all the mysteries of the region.



The first is “BOULEVARD OF STARDUST” where the main character has to face with the Star team, a group of undisciplined students that substitutes the habitual team Yell, that is going to put us in front of a series of challenges, because we’ll have to seep into their headquarters, defeating firstly waves of rival Pokemons in a certain period of time, that gives us the possibility to tackle their leader.

It has been shown a new function, the autonomous fight, that permits to our Pokemon to fight autonomously when it’s outside of the Pokeball picking up experience points and bringing us useful objects for the adventure.


The second path is the Legendary Path that brings us to help the student Pepe, who has the desire to search the rare spices existing in the region of Paldea, the research won’t be wast because the spices will be guarded by the dominant Pokemons of the place, bigger that the normal Pokemons, they will hinder our researches, putting us in front of real boss fights, that remembers the Pokemon Leaders of Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The third path is the CHAMPIONS PATH, in which we’ll have to conquer the 8 medals that permits us to confront the Pokemon Lega.

Winning the 8 medals because for every gym we’ll have to pass an exam in order to go on, exam that will change based on the gym, element that allows us to know better the uses and customs of the region Paldea


Enlarging the formula of Wide Areas of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the region of Paldea gives us the possibility of exploring outside of every  preset areas, authorizing us for the first time to have a mini-map where we can add points of interest, simplifying our exploration and leaving a wider breath to our adventure, in which we’ll be accompanied by the very own legendary Pokemon, Miraidon exclusive of Pokemon Violet and Koraidon exclusive of Pokemon Scarlet, they’ll help us to move around Paldea, retracing the Poke-paths we’ve seen in Legends Archeus.

Further than Legendaries, we won’t be alone, in fact, we can choose to play online with our friends exploring together for the first time the region, searching for all the new Pokemons and the ones that are already known but in a new regional form as usual.


Enhancing the not so perfect formula seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield sharing our adventure: the raid teracrystal will be present that gives us the possibility to defeat and capture teracrystalized Pokemons, they’re the new mechanic of the 9th generation that promises new tactics both in the campaign and in competitive online, of which in the future we’ll talk in the specific as soon as we’ll have the chance to try the game.



There are still a lot of mysteries to reveal and a lot of new Pokemons and regionali forms of some pocket-sized tykes already known and all to find out in which it seems to be the definitive experience Pokemon; so if you’re looking for a new adventure, you’ll have to wait till the 18th November, when the 2 games will be available in shops and depart for a new research trip of Paldea

Website link: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Official site

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