Fumi Games is about to bring a “small” revolution in the FPS genre. Introducing Mouse, a great retro cartoon shooter inspired by Mickey Mouse, Noir movies, and BioShock.


Fumi Games: The Studio behind Mouse

Fumi Games is an indie game studio based in Warsaw, founded in 2019.

This studio is composed of skilled developers and animators, with the purpose of bringing a fresh perspective to the classics game genre.

Fumi Games created one game before starting the development of Mouse. Their first game was Kids Party Checkers, a cartoon board game, based on the game Checkers. This production for Nintendo Switch is designed for a young audience. The studio is now developing two games, Galaxi Taxi, an intriguing hybrid of Story-Driven Action-Adventure, Shoot’em and Boss Fight, where the target is to bring the clients safely to all planets they request. The other game is Mouse.

Galaxi Taxi
An image of Galaxi Taxi, one of the two upcoming video games by Fumi Games

The Historical Animation of Mouse

Fumi Games employs a historical animation technique known as Rubber-Hose style. Born in 1920, this technique was pivotal for comic strips, ushering in a new type of content in journals at the time.

Rubber-Hose animation style is based on 2D characters and characterized by the illusion of movement crafted through various experiments of its time. Iconic creations from this era include cartoons such as Felix The Cat, Betty Boop, and Mickey Mouse’s renowned short, Steamboat Willie.

Steamboat Willie

This original style began to wane in popularity when Disney shifted towards more realistic animation styles. Initially, it was prevalent in traditional American animation, but with the advent of digital films and the rise of 3D animation through Pixar in the early 2000s, its prominence dwindled significantly.

Thanks to its iconic style, Rubber-Hose animation continues to endure today. We see its influence in cartoons such as Popeye, various episodes of numerous series, and even in certain mascots and video games that have evolved from this style.

In the world of video games, this style has experienced a resurgence in popularity, largely thanks to Epic Mickey.This revival is further fueled by the reappearance of iconic antagonists such as those in Bendy and the Ink Machine, Cuphead, Enchanted Portals, and early installments of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Fumi Games made a smart and good decision, as this animation style imparts a distinctly unique feel to the gaming experience.

What’s Mouse?

Mouse is Fumi Games’ latest project, an original shooter infused with an iconic style. The game draws significant inspiration from classic noir films, the game captures the nuanced tones of its characters and the evocative ambiance of an urban landscape.

It also pays homage to the iconic boss fights and enemies reminiscent of classic James Bond films, evident in its early gameplay trailer. Several weapons showcased in the trailer harken back to the iconic arsenal of 1930s cinema, such as the Revolver, Shotgun, and Thompson, all wielded by Mouse during gameplay.

Mouse draws subtle inspiration from a couple of iconic predecessors, particularly in its HUD design, firing mechanics, and health recovery system, reminiscent of the innovative elements found in classics like BioShock. The most recent inspiration comes from the original Disney characters. Certain enemies showcased in the gameplay bear a striking resemblance to historical animation experiments and classic Disney comics.


Mouse provides players with an exceptional shooting mechanic, enhanced by the varied enemy reactions to bullets—an important feature that’s somewhat rare today. Violence plays a pivotal role in the world of Mouse, just as the narrative component thus far seems to weave a complex and dark tale.

Incorporating a “Tarantino-esque” violence style undeniably enhances the production value.


The Gameplay of Mouse

Mouse is a first-person shooter at its core, with shooting as its primary gameplay mechanic. The game features a traditional shooting system, featuring iconic 1930s weapons like the Thompson, Shotgun, and Revolver. These firearms deal huge damage, allowing players to make enemies literally explode—a feature reminiscent of classic titles like Soldier of Fortune. Additionally, an iconic feature of the game is its HUD, inspired by 1990s FPS classics and the iconic game, BioShock.

The health recovery system boasts a distinctive style, drawing from classic cartoons such as Popeye, evident in both the foods used and the animations. The trailer showcases a compelling boss fight against a turret, emphasizing the meticulous combat design and underscoring the passion poured into this project.

Given the game’s cover art, it’s likely we can expect some driving sequences. While the development journey is ongoing, the game has already showcased many of its strengths and appears to be visibly improving!

When Will the Private Detective Mouse be Available?

Mouse is currently in development with a planned launch in 2025. The studio has a significant amount of work ahead, this year allows them ample opportunity to showcase more.

This project has the potential to breathe fresh air into the entire genre, introducing a new generation of gamers to forgotten animation styles and classic film genres. With this game, Fumi Games stands poised to make a lasting mark on the history of gaming.

Good luck Mouse!

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