BioWare celebrates the N7 day with new clues about Mass Effect 4


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We are left with the image of Commander Shepard having to decide which sort to plot for the entire Galaxy. Remember that there are four ME3 endings: Destruction, Control, Synthesis or Shepard’s renunciation in making a decision; thus dooming the Galaxy to a Reaper harvest.

This year, finally after so much silence, in conjunction with N7 Day, BioWare wanted to celebrate the event with new clues regarding the Title that would succeed the Trilogy and which would tell the post-War against the Ancient Machines events.

Mass Effect

What BioWare let us know

The first clue that BioWare leaves us and very probably the most succulent one is a fragment of a very interesting “transmission“, as Michael Gamble says.

Indeed it is; the video shows what appears to be a Mass Relay under construction, called MR 7. The colors used for this Relay resemble the colors of Cerberus, namely black and yellow. Other interesting details are the ships near by the Relay that do not recall any typology seen during the Trilogy; those more in the distance, then, resemble in shape the Arks of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect

Some Fans focused on the detail in the lower left corner that appears in the video, which contains information that could be connected both to the Relay and to a certain Captain with an unusually Quarian and human surname.

But if this transmission is so succulent it is not only for the details that we can see; but above all for what has been encrypted inside; in fact, within a few hours of its appearance, the most die hard fans managed to extrapolate a real transmission from the background noise.

With great surprise we hear in the audio, Geth Communications and a well-known voice from the Trilogy, that of Liara T’soni.

We do not know who her interlocutor is; but we know, thanks to a Michael Gamble Tweet, that our beloved Shadow Broker is still operative and as the Mass Effect 4 Teaser shows, we see her on a mission on a snowy planet while she collects the N7 insignia which appears to come from a helmet and is nice to see how she hints at a smile in doing so; the framing then ranges to a ship in the distance and to figures that resemble a Krogan and a Salarian.

Could they be the Shadow’s new travel companions? Why is Liara looking for the N7 insignia? Could it mean a possible return of Shepard?

Mass Effect

How could Shepard have survived the Reapers?

Note that with the Destruction ending and a very high Galactic Readiness score (4000-5000), Shepard survives and is seen for a split second in the extended cut.

Furthermore, we know from the world of ME:A of the correspondence between Dr. T’soni and Alec Ryder and of a probable exchange of communications of a scientific nature; this could have given Liara the possibility of accessing to informations and technologies capable of preserving Shepard‘s body for a long time, such as Cryogenic Stasis for example; able to preserve organic beings by subjecting them to freezing temperatures to slow down their vital functions. This would bring back  the Commander even many years after the War against the Reapers.

What Fans Think

Fans are divided on this theory, between those who want to relive once again the thrill of playing the role of the great Commander Shepard and those who instead consider his story finished with the last battle on Earth.

Mass Effect 4

BioWare’s Reaction to Gamer Theories

Bioware remains vague in this regard and lets the Fans continue to investigate the elusive Tweets and possible theories that have occurred during the N7 Day; a transmission, a Relay, ships that recall the Andromeda Initiative and a Concept Art shared by Gamble that recall Asari worlds and architectures.

Could it be an indication of a merger between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy?

What new challenges will we have to face?

Concept Art

When can we get our hands on Mass Effect 4?

The Mass Effect 4 release date won’t come until at least 2025. Neither BioWare nor EA has said a word about an official release date, so all we can do is wait.

Let us know your Theories or what you would like to see in the next Chapter but above all stay updated with us!

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