Luna Abyss is a narrative-driven first-person action-adventure. Bonsai Collective debuted a brand new trailer showcasing two key characters: Aylin and Fawkes.

Luna Abyss: Gamescom Trailer

“The story is an important part of the Luna Abyss experience that Bonsai Collective have been crafting, so it’s really great to finally be able to put it front and center in this brand new trailer”, says Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective.

The Story of Luna Abyss

After a prison sentence, Fawkes has to explore a massive abandoned facility that winds its way into the vastness of the heart of Luna Abyss, a mimic satellite. His job is to recover a now-lost technology from the Abyss, as well as the scattered colony it has engulfed. Every move will be supervised by an artificial prison guard named Aylin.

Anguished echoes ring through these centuries old ruins that seem to insinuate secrets about the terrible fate of the once prosperous city of Greymont. The Plague. The dogmas of the All Father. The college choir. The voices of the Abyss are calling to you, whispering.

Focus on Characters

The Trailer casts light on both characters’ roles within the game’s lore. Aylin serves as the player’s guide as they traverse the diverse environments at the heart of Luna Abyss. We will discover, those who step out into the Luna Abyss will be tasked with uncovering the mysteries of the mimic moon turned prison planet.

Aylin is your primary guide as we step outside the cell, serving as the governor of the Blood Moon Penal Colony. Taking direction from the mysterious All Father, her primary imperative is to be helpful and supportive of the Scouts under her care. Despite that her somewhat patchy understanding of humans occasionally leads her to make questionable decisions.

The trailer also details the lead character, prisoner Fawkes. Incarcerated on the Blood Moon for embodying the characteristic red eyes of the Marked Ones. Alone, afraid, and thousands of miles from home, Fawkes wants only to survive their sentence, but the Abyss holds many secrets, and unwary Scouts are liable to discover things best left well alone.

Analyses and Inspirations

From the trailer we can already understand the sources of inspiration and partly what the game can give us. 

The mimic moon seems to hide many mysteries within its depths. The remnants of the colony’s downfall in which we have to discover our role within this doomed world.

Sprint, jump and dash are the main moves in our way to explore the alien megastructures. The first person platforming seems fluid and fast. The shooting and character’s abilities are reminiscent of a Bioshock flavor. 

The bullet hell encounters against corrupted souls and twisted cosmic horrors remembers the Nier’s one. Space management and weapons mastery are the key to survive the encounters.

The landscapes and alien structures are reminiscent of those of Returnal. Also giving a sense of loneliness and abandonment of the character.

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC and console. A free demo is currently available for download on Steam for a limited period.

About Bonsai Collective

Bonsai Collective is a video game development studio, based all over the United Kingdom. Founded in 2019 by Hollie Emery, Harry Corr, and Benni Hill, the remote-based studio has been carefully cultivated to 16 full-time passionate Unreal Engine specialists, who all care about inclusion in the studio and representation in the games that they create. Their games all have epic world-building, storytelling and classic gameplay experiences at their heart, and Bonsai Collective’s story begins with their debut title, Luna Abyss.

I'm a musician (pianist), a nerd and a longtime manga lover. My gamer life started with a copy of Pitfall (1982) for Atari 2600, and so I grew up hand to hand with this medium until now. Later I started to look for what's behind the final product, its design and what happens behind the scenes of the video game world.