Defend the castle from devastation or demolish it by leading endless hordes of monsters.

Inequalis - Trailer

Are you sick of the same old thing? Are you desperate for a project that appears to be a crazy mix of fun and excitement?

You’re on the right track! Inequalis is an intriguing new video game that will be released in 2023. It’s a lavish mix of an RTS and an FPS.

A project that combine real-time combat and combat strategies to create a unique, unusual, and intriguing video game.

What is Inequalis

First, Inequalis is essentially a hybrid of two popular videogame genres: it has a strong FPS (First Person Shooter) component as well as an RTS component (Real Time Strategy).

The peculiarity stems from the developers’ desire to bring to market a video game in which the gameplay has got of two different genres in order to make the experience more appealing and engaging.

The player’s goal will be to join the fight trying to defend the castle at all costs, or decide to devastate it from the ground up, using a huge swarm of repulsive beasts and scary creatures.

Two different gameplay solutions

The peculiarity of Inequalis naturally lies in the choice of proposing two completely different game solutions, according to your needs and preferences.

You can choose to defend the castle by putting yourself on the line. It will be in a traditional FPS where you can hit the enemy forces with ferocity, preventing them from destroying all of your defenses. This mode can count up to 5 defenders.

Inequalis: Leela

Each defender has their own set of characteristics and abilities, such as Leela‘s incredible speed, which allows her to easily reach and defeat the fastest monsters. Bran, on the other hand, can use his incredible power to dispatch the most fearsome and mighty monsters in the shortest amount of time.

Remember to choose your defender carefully, paying attention to which approach you want to use in battle: each character has bonuses and penalties. Try to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses and don’t find yourself cornered!

If you want to destroy all existing life forms, you can play the role of a ruthless villain, leading thousands of monsters to storm the castle.

It will be a true RTS in this case: real-time strategic gameplay in which your goal will be to lead your monstrous troops to raze the entire castle to the ground.

The bestiary at your disposal will consist of three different creatures: Heavy, Ram and Runner.

Each monster has different statistics and freedom of movement: Runners can cover very long stretches in a short time, making you extremely unpredictable.

If you want to make a lot of noise and stick left and right, go with the Heavy and Ram, who use their incredible strength to clear the way for the fastest creatures.

Work in progress

Inequalis is set to be released in 2023. Although we don’t know much at this time, the concept is very appealing, and I’m sold on the idea of combining two very common videogame genres into a single project.

While waiting to find out more from the developers, we refer you to the Inequalis Website and Twitter page, where you can stay updated on the evolution of the project.

What will you choose? Will you be the advocate of the destruction of the human race, or will you do everything to prevent it? Posterity will judge!

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