Cast Off the Moorings, Sailors!

Gunboat God

An OST that oscillates between deafening, intoxicating heavy metal tracks and nostalgic, full-on arcade-style pieces. Endless hordes of revolting enemies invade your space, spawning uncontrollably on the battlefield. High tides, overwhelming waves, and ominous, eerie mysteries lurking in the depths. This is the life that awaits you in Gunboat God, a chaotic, shootin’, blastin’, real-good-time arcade-style game, as described by its creator, Janson RAD. Bursting with style and action, it’s certain to capture the attention of shoot ’em up enthusiasts.

Gunboat God is a fast-paced, action-packed 2D side-scrolling shoot ’em up that stands out for its stunning, doodle-like art design. The intriguing contrast between black-and-white characters and the vibrant, colorful surrounding world creates a visually captivating experience. This game promises hours of non-stop fun, action, and wild maritime shootouts aboard a boat. But what if this boat, absurdly enough, became mobile?


This is the intriguing twist that Gunboat God— as if the game weren’t already wild enough— aims to introduce to diversify its gameplay formula and inject more dynamism into the experience. However, this won’t be the only trick up Janson RAD’s sleeve.

In the game, besides annihilating endless waves of enemies, facing challenging boss fights, and defending their boat at all costs, players’ primary objective is to navigate out of this unknown place and return to the Citadel in the Sky, earning the prestigious title of all-powerful Gunboat God. To achieve this, they will wield a formidable arsenal of weapons, including guns, cannons, lasers, bombs, and even a vaporizer. However, these won’t always be enough, especially against the most formidable predators. Constant upgrades to artillery, ship enhancements, and evolving combat tactics are essential.

And don’t forget about your boat’s mobility skills! To stay safe, avoid enemies, dodge water mines, and withstand acid rain (yes, there’s acid rain), players must take control of their vessel—flying, dashing, and sometimes crashing into enemies to avoid greater dangers. By the way, do you have a license to operate that boat?

And just so you know, in Gunboat God, you won’t be alone. Joining you in your strange and exhilarating adventures will be Yeti, the ultimate crocodile mechanic and all-around good guy you could hope for! Assist him in upgrading your Gunboat’s firepower, and who knows—maybe, if you manage to stay on his good side, you could even hitch a ride on his back to get home.

Gunboat God

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride with Gunboat God, boasting 180 levels of fast-paced, dynamic shooting action. Dive into over 20 mission types including Collision Course, Outlast, and the quirky Boil. Face off against 70 relentless enemy types intent on breaching your hull. Master 8 distinct guns, each with its own upgrades, and harness over 10 abilities, augmentations, and powers to dominate the seas. Will you conquer the depths, or will they conquer you?

Gunboat God is set to launch on PC via Steam in 2026. As of now, there is no information regarding a console release, and the developer has not revealed any plans to extend the launch to other platforms.

For the latest updates on Gunboat God, stay tuned and be sure to visit Janson RAD’s X account for news, exclusive clips, and behind-the-scenes content about the game.

That’s all for today. Fair winds, sailors!

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