The undisputed king of battle royale is changing the cards on the table with the arrival of Chapter 4 of FORTNITE and the Winterfest, changing graphic design and introducing a lot of news.

Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 1 - Trailer

Before talking about the new update related to the winterfest, let’s make a small account of the latest news!

Chapter 3 of Fortnite has just ended and it brought many innovations in the gameplay, as the modality zero build, even if it has turned up their noses to a lot of puritans of the game, it knew to take a place during the time, being able to rejuvenate it and approaching a new public, who didn’t love the mechanic of building but who did prepare a more offensive style.


New game mechanics

The juiciest mechanics, that has mainly permitted a restyling of the machining of the game, it remains the one of parkour, which allows new approaches to our battles, permitting both climbing obstacles and taking advantage of a sliding, which turns to be useful in many situations, both offensive and getaway.


In the complex the chapter 3 of Fortnite it knew how to impose restoring lifeblood to a game, that wasn’t doing well, bringing back it to a new escalation towards that peak, that he could keep from its launch since its first season.

The final event

Even if it hasn’t restored during the four seasons a final event the season 4 of chapter 3 ended with a live fight, who brought to the destruction of the maps of chapters 2 and 3, but especially servers, since most of the participants couldn’t watch the entire event due to the exit during the game of the players.

A real pity considering that, following my opinion, the event has been structured really well, having in its inside recalls to a lot of past events, as the one of mecha and being longer than the precedents.


Obtain Your Winning With Style

The chapter 4 of Fortnite opens literally hitting the ground running with the adjunct of a vehicle, of which it’s rumored from a lot of time in the community, that is the so requested cross motorcycle, which is called “Trail Thrasher” which will permit to find new ways of playing and moving around the new map with style.


The new map brings with itself a lot of points of interest, as the fortified Brutal Bastion, the square Anvil in a medieval decor and a citadel dominated by the castle: “The Ageless” and new others which I let you to discover yourself.


Epic Games with every chapter has accustomed us to many innovations and new methods to approach to the battle and in chapter 4 is no exception.

An interesting addition are the optimizers of the reality, which enable us to receive randomly during the game some strengthening, even permanent, for example the possibility to respawn the hang gliding or receive weapons, or drive without worrying about fuel and others to find out.


New modes will be available to lean out the battle as the innovated additions for Parkour, which will allow us to climb over easily fences and walls, making us faster in the actions.

We will help us playing with the nature, for example rolling over the enemies in snowballs or eating the new slap berries which will give us health and in a little time unlimited stamina and so on.


Additional goals and new weapons

We can also impose on the opponents, claiming the territory that we like the most, conquering with the team any spot of capture spread on the map.

If we can stay as much as possible to expose our banner, we can in this way receive apart from a loot, even the possibility to display on the map every treasure chest in the area and the enemies, who obviously will try to oust the territory.


But which type of season could be if wouldn’t be added new fire mouths which can bring chaos and destruction to the games?

Don’t worry because Epic Games comes to the rescue adding new weapons, which we know very well, a new selection of mouths fire as: the Ex-caliber rifle which is able to shoot blades, a shockwave hammer with a wide range, a thunder shotgun and other machine guns, guns and assault rifles.


We’ll find out during the season if all these additions would be able to maintain high the public attention, but something is certain, we can go crazy on finding the way of game we prefer and going to the victory stylish.

First Fortnite update: The Winterfest

Fortnite: Winterfest 2022 - Trailer

The arrival of patch 23.10 has been rumored for a week, which will bring players into a new Christmas experience: the winterfest.

Inside the game, after the waiting times for the servers, we will already be able to try the first of the many contents arriving for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.


What will we find

With this update, the following updates will be available immediately:

The Christmas shed where, from 9 am (New York) we will be able to get the first of the 14 free prizes and the Christmas gifts, which are items with a random weapon and cures inside.


Also, new additional styles have been added which you can start redeeming at level 140 and end with reaching level 200.

Weekly Challenges and Winterfest

During the Epic Games holiday period, 5 weeks of challenges have been added until the new update, which is scheduled for January 10th.

Along with these challenges during the Christmas period we will also have the 2 weeks of the Winterfest, which will last until January 3rd.

Upcoming Weapons and Items!

A new Object called Shield, already seen in the launch trailer for Chapter 4, will be released either in the form of a reality enhancer, or as an object that can be found around the game island.

The snowball shooter, on the other hand, is almost certain to be available from 9am on December 13th, until January 3rd.


The Deku’s Smash will be an in-game power obtainable from December 16th, where the collaboration with My Hero Accademy, a well-known anime and manga in Japan and the rest of the world, will begin.

Do you think that I’ve forgotten the battle pass?

Obviously not, the best dishes are served at the end.

A battle pass that brings us to a lot of new item, dances and skins to flaunt in the battle as usual, but this time Epic Games thrills us bringing in its inside the beloved Doom Slayer and Geralt of Rivia himself, above other many skins, that I think are very successful.


Affirming in this way how Fortnite is slowly became a meta verse where on the inside we can find anything, from movies to video games passing through artists and singers, anime characters and everything you wish (but only if you have v-bucks).

The collabs that we can notice are not certainly end up here, seeing as in the release trailers we can find the green giant Hulk riding a motorcycle and the well-know influencer Mr.Beast being dragged in the island.

Link: Epic Games

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