Tekken, one of the most famous 3D fighting games, gave access to the online beta test for two week-ends in a row.

First appearance

Tekken 7 has been the most popular game streamed at Evo and at some other famous tournaments. With Tekken 8, they exceeded themselves. It is more fun, quite easy for beginners but, at the same time, more complex thanks to the new HEAT system. Characters are way more stylish, with reworked outfits and new special line intros and outros between them. Also, maps are well designed, bigger and open-spaced, with similar dynamics/interactions taken from Dead or Alive 5.

Game system

The bounce mechanic of Tekken 7 is similar to that of Tekken 8 but the new combos system made them more sick, requires more spaces and has the old Tekken 7 wall bounce system combined with old ones. Heat is an extension of the character’s combo, it activates from neutral hits (pressing the heat button), or it activates automatically with certain hits. It may help the player from taking damage if pressed at the right time and opens new ways to press more. It’s easy to recognize because it is the bar below the life bar and the character glows, but if pressed after the bounce, it grants a new automatic and lethal combo. Obviously Heat can’t be reused, if used in the automatic combos the heat bar’s over, if not it can be used as extension of the combo for a limited time. Side steps are similar to the previous game, and well done; no frame changed. In the end, the game is complete, not counting some bugs to fix, and may bring back more old characters. Harada already confirmed that they are not focusing on new guest characters right now, either bringing back old Tekken 7 ones, like Lucky Chloe or Katarina, and not relevant to the story, only in future with a change of heart this can happen.

What need to be resolved

First of all, damage taken is way higher than it should be, like the famous Kazuya’s combo viewed and spammed online. Counter hits too have high damage, more than normal combos. Second of all, the camera is too shaky, so many matches are lost for the movements of both players, especially for Lars and Lili mains (not due to side steps). Last issues: chip damage needs to be resolved; the same goes for the damage taken by Heat system, and some minor bugs like the double power crush collision between players that erase 50% of the life bar.


Tekken 8 truly has potential, amateurs can approach the game without second dubts. The heat system is a good improvement for the gameplay and the game remains a solid 3D fighting game. The first impressions about the heat system were pointed at the change of dimension from 3D to 2D, even with open-spaced maps. Characters are well designed with cool personalities and old rivalries. There is still no release date, but we point to spring or autumn 2024.

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