We update you on the awards ceremony, which took place yesterday on Twitch, of the Drope.me Indie Game Awards. Let’s discover the winners of the categories together

Drope.me Indie Game Awards - The Winners in Live Twitch

As promised, we are back to update you on the Drope.me Indie Game Awards. Yesterday at 8.30 am PST the Live Twitch organized by Drope.me. It was held to announce the winners of the Drope.me Indie Game Awards. In a casual and very informal atmosphere the host, Dima, CEO and Mastermind behind Drope.me accompanied us in the awards ceremony. In the company of 5 Streamers and Content Creators; passing through an Interactive Quiz challenge on video game knowledge and arriving – last but not least – at the real focal point of the Live Stream; find out which game (for each category) won!

Let’s not waste any more time and see the recap and the results of the Drope.me Indie Game Awards…Let’s Go!

What does Drope.me do?

Drope.me is a platform that helps gaming companies engage micro creators at scale. On the other side; is a solution or platform that allows micro creators to gain additional visibility. It’s possible by connecting to companies willing to receive sponsorships or gain more awareness about the games they are building.

Drope.me is a platform that plays a role between Companies and Creators.The Indie Game Awards is here to enhance the points of the channel of this platform, but not only. Mainly, is for fun and the other super important reason is the Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023. This was an event that allowed the Drope.me Community to nominate and vote for the best Indie games of 2023. The voting took the last two weeks and yesterday was the day Drope.me presented the winners of the 5 different categories.

The 5 Content Creators

Accompanying us in the Live, 5 Content Creators: AYV3E, HarkerRyan, PNKFacil, UltracauaHD and Agent. Let’s try to get to know them quickly thanks to their presentations:

AYV3E: She is an 18 year old Dutch girl who streams games that she loves and that she loves to share with her community.

HarkerRyan: She’s an Irish girl, Art Creator who streams on the weekend. She is also a video Creator on YouTube, Instagram, X. Decided to join the Drope.me Community a few months ago. She also played some of the games that are in the Nominees.

Drope.me Indie Games Awards - The 5 Content Creators

PNKFacil: He is a 37 year old Spanish streamer. He creates content about the world of GTA and survival games. Focuses his talent on making content entertaining. He also creates content on TikTok, Twitch and YouTube.

Agent: He is a Twitch Partner and a Variety Content Creator. Agent’s goal is to create a safe and fun environment for his community. He shares his technological knowledge by building a consistent brand across all platforms. He is one of the most active Creators on Drope.me

And now let’s find out how they did in the Interactive Quiz!

The Interactive Quiz with the Creators

Let’s see who the winner will be! “The lucky one will also win a fantastic prize” – Dima’s words. How does it work? Easy, the Quiz will test the Creators’ gaming knowledge. They have to answer some questions about the games, by doing so they earn or lose points. The winner is the one with the most points! The challenging aspect are the categories for the questions. Let’s see them:

Who’s that Pokémon: Not completely related to the Pokémon, but to the characters

Old School: Old school Games like 10+ years

Life 2.0: Second Life Games Related

Lobby created: Multiplayer Games related

Secret: Random questions for the bravest

Each category assigns points from 100 to 500. Between ups and downs, AYV3E won the title of winner of the Interactive Quiz with 200 points!

The Winners of the Drope.me Indie Game Awards

Well, we have finally reached the moment when we will discover the Winners of the 5 Categories! We remind you of them below: Meme Game, Week in Hell, Lobby Created, Dreamy Crush and Game of the Year.

If you want to find out who has been nominated for these Categories, we recommend you read our previous article on Nominations.

Drumroll, folks, here are the winners:

Meme Game


  • Pizza Tower

Week in Hell 


  • Blasphemous II

Lobby Created


  • Lethal Company

Dreamy Crush


  • Peppino from Pizza Tower

Game of the Year


  • Lethal Company

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We have officially reached the end of the article on the Drope.me Indie Game Awards. Stay with us because this end of 2023 still has a lot of tricks up its sleeve!

Good Game everybody!

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