Cult of The Lamb is your to-go practical guide on how to build your own death cult.

Cult of the Lamb - Launch Trailer

A common piece of criticism commonly flung at indie games is the weirdness of their themes. Once the internet surfer catches a glance of The Binding of Isaac, or Undertale, they just assume the genre consists of goofy 2-D adventures filled with indie music and memes.

On a completely different topic, today’s game is Cult of The Lamb, a satanic cult simulator.


The title, incoming this year on Steam, Xbox, Playstation and Switch, promises the player a chance to explore a world reminiscent of animal crossing as a lamb possessed by a powerful evil entity. One accolite at a time, the lamb will eventually acquire more and more power, that will come in handy to dispose of a number of different enemies.


Despite the sudden shift that some of the characters displaying impossible muzzle anatomy caused to my blood pressure, we can all agree that the artstyle looks impactful and brings back feelings from games such as The Binding Of Isaac, Hollow Knight, along with immortal classics like Pokemon and Animal Crossing.

The characters look very tender and cuddly, but luckily, unless I’m misunderstood, they can be exterminated at will by the player, in case they got tired of the damn things. I foresee, however, that a large portion of the user base would rather name every critter individually and bond with them, in order to then have a nervous breakdown when they are peeled like a banana by some giant spider.

Cult of the Lamb


Cult of the Lamb puts togethter different elements. Some from the undisputed protagonist of the last years of indie gaming, roguelite, as well as management.

In other words, a portion of the game will feature us managing work and prayers of our followers, a la Dwarf Fortress (I know you never played it, I’m just flexing), as well as fighting our way through procedurally generated levels in order to acquire different resources and paint the woods red.

As for how the two game modes will influence each other, I can only speculate, therefore I’ll wait for the official release before I put out some inane theory.

Cult of the Lamb


The concept feels promising. Looking back at past games developed by Massive Monster, I can see Flash influences. This clearly attest some real level of dedication to the early indie scene (trust me). So, all in all, I have high hopes for the game.

The gameplay allows for every kind of atrocity, from ritual mutilation, to the rule of terror, to ethnic cleansing, up to the snugglefest, for the kind souls who cringe (historical meaning) at the sight of talking animals impaled on a skewer, and would rather see them make friends and exchange kissies.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll be back with a full review after the game releases. Have a good night, gamers.

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