A charming 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania Action RPG in a hand-drawn art style.

Afterimage Release Date Announcement Trailer
Afterimage – Official Kickstarter Trailer

A new opportunity 

The idea in Aurogon Shanghai’s mind during the development of Afterimage was clear: to depict a medieval fantasy world and its history. Engardin is a godforsaken land, devastated by a catastrophe that has hidden its secrets and relics. It will be up to Renee, a girl who has lost her memory because of the catastrophe, to reveal Engardin’s past and offer it a second chance. 

Development began in 2019 and the goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to launch the game on PC/Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch in late 2022. 

From order to chaos

The story of Afterimage takes place in Engardin, a formerly vibrant and prosperous world created by a supreme god. According to the will of the god, it was the task of the primordial Goliaths to preserve the order of Engardin. To plunder all the gifts bestowed upon them by the god, the humans started a war against the Goliaths. Gradually, due to the expansionist ambitions of humans, the war engulfed all Engardin. To conquer their archenemy, the humans performed a forbidden ritual and opened the Gate to the Sea of Souls by force. However, the situation got out of control, and, after a sudden explosion, a great flood inexorably turned the human territories into ruins. This catastrophe put an end to the war and left the humans in a miserable state.


A lively and fascinating gameplay 

Renee embarks on her own journey to recover her memories. During the adventure, she will explore an endless interconnected world.

According to the statements of the art team, the goal in the development of Afterimage is quite ambitious. The vastness of the game world is intended to ensure a great variety in terms of setting and characters. Each region is home to different enemies and gameplay mechanics. The aim is to ensure that every element is in the right place at the right time and that nothing is taken for granted. 


A world to explore

In the world of Afterimage there will be at least 15 areas to venture into. Each area will have its own background and environment, with enemies closely linked to the history of the location. The type of platforming will also vary depending on the area. Interacting with characters, completing quests and gaining new abilities will bring Engardin’s sunken secrets to the surface.

The great flood has meant that Engardin is mostly covered by water. Well, a navigation mechanism will allow you to move faster from one reason to another. However, danger is just around the corner. Accidents of various kinds could occur along the way, making everything more exciting.


A “tailor-made” combat style

In Afterimage you can customise your fighting style by choosing between main and sub-weapons. Each of the main weapons will offer different attack moves along with unique abilities. Sub-weapons are differentiated by function and provide various additional bonuses. It is possible to equip two main weapons and one secondary weapon at a time. The various weapon combinations, chosen according to the circumstances you face, will ensure an easier adventure.

Fighting enemies or filling your bestiary will let you earn talent points that can be spent on upgrades. In addition, a wide variety of equipment is available through opening chests, completing quests, dealing with merchants and defeating bosses.

From chaos to order 

Although the story of Engardin is dominated by chaos, a curious tranquillity permeates the gameplay. Everything in Afterimage seems carefully designed, from the smallest spirit to the largest boss. Each element is strongly characterised and immersed in a breath-taking setting. The variety of scenarios and characters makes the gaming experience immersive.

Consulting the comments section of the Kickstarter campaign, some users found that there is still room for improvement. In any case, the developers seem willing to listen to any advice, so… ad maiora

My love for video games began with a Christmas present: it was the year 2006 and in a cold winter evening I found myself spending the whole night awake to play Pokémon Perla with my new Nintendo DS. Since then I have been getting closer and closer to the video game culture. I look for an immersive experience in video games. The storyline, followed by the graphics and music, are the aspects I value the most. In 2018, I first came onto the indie scene with Undertale by Toby Fox. Strongly impressed by the art and depth of this game, I started devouring many other titles in the genre and... well, here I am.