Cradle of Sins is a PC & VR Cross-play action adventure game set in a dark world of weird and strange creatures. Gear up and invite your friends to battle for the dominions of different Architects.

Cradle of Sins - 4K Teaser Debut

Cradle of Sins is an interesting PC & VR cross-play action adventure where you and your friends can enjoy the heart of the battle. The Great Architect, a deus ex-machina, will guide you in choosing different characters and reach the goal.

Let’s have a look at what the game offers, according to what we saw from trailers.

Cradle Island

This is the setting of the adventure. Is a small dark landmass deep in the treacherous waters of the Prismatic Sea.

Early explorers named it Cradle Island. Adventurers and superstitious people called it the Cradle of Sins. But to the players it is simply The Island. It is here that through bloodshed, cunning and cruelty they will win everything they have ever dreamed of.

The Great Architect is the spirit of the island. This spirit, who remains shrouded in mystery, surely has an undeniable power. After centuries of silence the Architect abandoned his isolation to issue a challenge. The greatest warriors in all the world will travel to Cradle Island on the ninety-ninth day of the calendar, and there battle until only one still lives. The victor will become the Architect’s Champion, and obtain whatever their heart desires.

As said before the Architect’s powers are undeniable and vast. No one can read the true intentions of this mysterious creature and what his ultimate goals are.

What price will his champions have to pay? 

Nobody knows. But one thing is certain. Their desire has brought them to the island and they are ready to do anything to achieve their goal.

Meet the Locals

From the trailer we can see different islands with different settings and ecology.

We can see the Desert Lands of Na-Zar: a barren environment with wooden structures. 

The Kiran Tur frosty peaks: the snowy one with structures that have a very squared and rigid architecture.

The Oracle island: in the trailer we see that the island is under siege, but we don’t know more about it.

Another island is the Rashland Marshes. This island is locked in the trailer, maybe it is under development. 

Every island has strange beasts bearing the mark of dark magic. They act as The Great Architect’s henchmen, keeping order on The Island and preventing anyone from escaping.

Choose Your Hero

The Great Architect gathered warriors to the island one by one and told everyone to fight and learn from one another. The various characters seem to belong to different clans. There are 4 playable characters at the moment, with peculiar skills and a Background. Other 4 are under development But we don’t know much at the moment. Let’s have a look at the available characters.

Kyra: Can block characters’ spells, use a gigantic hammer to smash them and build walls and heal herself.

Kyra is a woman who knows what she wants, and that’s for you to stop asking questions. Growing up amongst the so-called nobility, she had killed by the time she was 10, and killed 10 by the time she was 11. By this point the people around her had stopped counting and started running away.  By her sixteenth birthday Kyra had become a truly fearsome fighter. One day, ignoring the crowd and discarding the rest of her belongings into the mud, Kyra walked out of town and never returned. One thing is for certain: Kyra intends to be the final victor of this challenge. And when she is, the whole world will know what she wants.

So comes Kyra to the Island.

Edward Blacknails: He can do splash and AOE damage, spawns minions and inflicts status with invisible traps.

Edward was once the most beautiful man in the kingdom. When baby Edward was born to the king and queen, the midwife was said to have been so struck by his extraordinary beauty that she exclaimed in delight, “May this child live forever so that his beauty never dies.” The crown prince grew to be a callow and self-absorbed young man, much admired but little loved. He neglected the duties of the realm, and nothing changed when he became king. His starving people stormed his gates and slaughtered his men and set fire to his walls. A drunken, lustful Edward stood before his great mirror transfixed by his own reflection, unable to tear himself away even as the castle came down upon him.

Edward was crushed by the loss of his beauty. The monstrous thing that was Edward set out to walk the world until he found one who could restore his rightful beauty, the greatest in all the world.

Hexot: He can deal damage and a lot of crowd control like stunning, freezing and slowing bullets in an area.

Hexoth was just a child when Ana (his dog) fell through the ice. He mastered the elements, bending the freezing waters to his will. He harnessed lightning, telepathy, even the laws of physics. Driven by guilt and a need to redeem himself, he used his powers to protect the weak and defend the innocent, and put his own life and sanity at risk over and over again for the lives of strangers, without asking for a reward or a word of thanks.

Now gray-bearded and weary, the formidable Hexoth feels his own end approaching, and knows what he must do. The one step he had not dared to take: he will seek out the Great Architect, and do whatever it asks to win his prize. Whatever evil is demanded of him, whatever cruel and unconscionable act will bring the victory he requires, he will enact in this Cradle of Sins.

Helena Withefeather: Deals damage over time, blinds enemies, stun them and increases allie’s movement speed.

Helena sold her soul to the devil and hasn’t regretted a day since. Recently Helena has been feeling like it might be time to grow up and settle down. After all, she’s almost 3000. All she wants is a little place of her own, and she’s got her eye on somewhere: Earth. It won’t be easy, but if raising a little hell is what it takes to get on the cosmic property ladder, this demon’s up to the challenge.

So comes Helena to the Island.

Co-op PVP and Campaign

In Cradle of Sins ou can join your friends in a 3 vs 3 battle where you can get whatever you desire, if you can win. The PVP battles seem very interesting and full of interesting tools mechanics.The Island is fully stocked with blades, bows, traps and artifacts of powerful sorcery. Each player character has a choice of seven different brutal weapons with which to dispatch their enemies.

The objective is to annihilate your opposing team’s base by taking down the towers that protect their immense power. 

Let’s have a look at some of the PVP missions.

First up is the Cave Mining Operation. Two teams will compete to collect the most crystal energy, but be warned, the other team will stop at nothing to come out on top. 

Next, we have Bongo: a competitive trial against an endless tower.

Another arena modes will be available soon.

The Great Feature

The PC and VR cross-play is the main and most interesting feature of the game. We can play in first person or third, depending on whether we own a VR or not. You can play with your VR friends even if you don’t have one.

Every week, The Architect’s Campaign brings a custom set of challenges in order to give you guys some awesome objectives and even cooler rewards. The top teams will be immortalized on the leaderboard.

Last but not least is the care for the details of the story and the characters and the strong comic vein that characterizes them.

You can play the game by requesting access to the playtest!

I'm a musician (pianist), a nerd and a longtime manga lover. My gamer life started with a copy of Pitfall (1982) for Atari 2600, and so I grew up hand to hand with this medium until now. Later I started to look for what's behind the final product, its design and what happens behind the scenes of the video game world.