New game in developement “Chains of Fury” When ultra-violent comic meets Doom!

Chains of Fury – Trailer

Chains of Fury - Gameplay Teaser 2019
Chains of Fury

We happened to find Chains of Fury on our new follower @Chains_of_fury on twitter.

From a first look at the material published on this account, we immediately noticed a discreet resemblance to the old Doom, but with a graphic style fully inspired by western comics.

Among the hotspots of the game is the possibility to make your way by destroying the walls of the scenario to advance or access secret areas.

The title is under development by the Cobble Games team, with a Kickstarter campaign underway and the steam store page from which you can add it to your wish list.

For now we’ll just have to refer you to their website, waiting for more news on the development status of the title.