Beacon Pines is Hiding Spot‘s new mysterious project.

Beacon Pines - Release Date Trailer
Beacon Pines: Announcement Trailer

Beacon Pines is an adventure video game set in a book, where the viewer becomes an active participant, as well as playing the role of the protagonist, Luka.

A world to explore

The player will be transported to a vast and fully explorable world, where he will have to interact with the other characters to discover the narrative strand of the game.

Beacon Pines
Talk and interact with other characters

Dialogues become an integral part of the story. They allow us to weave relationships, get to know the various characters in depth and unravel the enigmatic events of Beacon Pines.

We will have to solve puzzles, exploit the dialogues and be guided by the senses and the desire to discover new areas.

There’s no combat system, so we will have to make the most of the exploratory component and the interactions with the other characters.

Change the past and suffer the consequences

We will be able to interact directly with the book, collecting objects useful to modify or subvert the events narrated.

Each action has a consequence: advancing in the narrative we will be able to obtain powerful spells capable of modifying past events.

What are you waiting for? Face your past and change your destiny!

Beacon Pines

Waiting for the release

Beacon Pines will be released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

A video game that convinced me from the start thanks to a very pleasant graphic concept and certainly interesting gameplay mechanics.

Are you curious to know more? A fully playable demo is available on steam, where you can meet Luka and discover the mysterious world of Beacon Pines.

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