AIKODE takes the stage with a brand-new Gameplay Trailer at MathChief’s Game Expo, unveiling New Details and Exclusive Clips about the Lore and Gameplay of the upcoming NieR-inspired Action RPG Hack and Slash from Solo Developer ACE.


The MathChief’s Game Expo on August 21st proved to be a captivating stage for the indie gaming world. The event treated us to reveals and announcements of 25 upcoming titles, with standout names like Enenra and Unrestricted taking the stage. Amidst this array of exclusive reveals, we had the opportunity to delve even deeper into AIKODE, the upcoming Action RPG Hack and Slash solo-developed by ACE, as we had recently discussed, all thanks to a captivating new gameplay trailer.

Voiced by The Puppet, one of the key characters within AIKODE, the trailer offers a short overview and suggestive cues into the background of the main protagonist, Aiko. It sheds light on her origins and the dramatic events of her childhood at the Jikei Hospital. The trailer reaffirms the critical role and purpose of The Puppet, serving as essential elements of the lore and providing an indisputable connection to Aiko’s past, present, and future.

The trailer unveils further intriguing hints regarding the lore, along with one of the many reasons that underlie the connection between Aiko, The Puppet, and the fragmented world plagued by this endless cycle of death. Naturally, it’s important to note that, at this point, fully revealing or unraveling significant details about AIKODE’s cryptic narrative remains a formidable challenge. Nonetheless, eagle-eyed players might have already glimpsed some captivating elements. The essence revolves around grasping the meaning of this phrase unveiled by ACE, and we strongly encourage you to pay special attention to it when watching the trailer: “a child, a puppet, a contract.”

AIKODE - Gameplay Trailer (MathChief's Game Expo)

On the gameplay side, ACE delves deeper into the various in-game footage she showcased to us some time ago, enriching it with new clips that delve into the game world’s exploration, combat, and the key features we had previously alluded to.

The first thing we can notice, or rather, listen, is a slightly extended preview of the OST composed by Kevin Simon. Something we had already observed in the in-game footage featuring Nia and her winged companion is the players’ ability to traverse the game world side by side with a companion. This detail, ACE expands upon in this trailer, including a brief clip of Aiko joined in the exploration by what appears to be a a small fox-like creature.

Exploration will be free, as freedom stands as one of the core concepts of AIKODE and ACE’s design philosophy. As we have seen before, players will be able to explore the game world on foot, riding their own motorcycle, or take to the skies with their own wings, both in the air and underwater. The noteworthy addition is what we could term “off-earth exploration,” implying that Aiko possesses the capability to venture beyond the confines of Earth itself, as showcased in the trailer’s content.


In the trailer’s closing moments, the developer once again showcases two of the many colossal boss fights that players will have to confront in the game, along with some tests and demonstrations of of AIKODE’s versatile combat system, previously hinted at on the game’s Twitter account.

AIKODE does not yet have an official release date and is anticipated to make its debut soon on PC and Next-Gen Consoles. While we await further details about ACE’s upcoming project, stay tuned with us for the latest updates on the game, and be sure to visit the game’s official website.

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