Adore is an ambitious Brazilian indie game that attempts to bring faster and more dynamic action to the monster collection game genre.

The review

Created by the developers Cadabra Games, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, Switch, and PC. However, despite the interesting game concept, “Adore” presents a series of challenges that influence the overall experience.

ADORE - Release Date Reveal Trailer

Adore is an action roguelite monster training game, popularized by Pokémon, with a fresh and rather unique approach to its genre. The main protagonist, Lukha, can summon and control creatures to fight by his side in a simple and innovative way, set in a vibrant fantasy world. Adore’s ARPG-style combat approach, akin to Diablo, gives it a new and intriguing flavor, but unfortunately, it’s somewhat limited by a repetitive gameplay loop that leads to a decline in interest towards the end of the experience.


Adore’s gameplay offers a variety of modes and activities, but the creature summoning mechanic, although unique, fails to be satisfying. The lack of clear initial guidance can make it difficult for players to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay dynamics.


Recruiting new creatures proves to be of crucial importance, a typical core element in games belonging to this genre. The variety of creatures can be obtained through various methods, such as random unlocking from crates or through the on-field purification process using Gaterdrik Particles. However, it’s worth noting that this latter method can be less effective due to an automatic targeting system, which is sometimes problematic, especially in situations where numerous enemy creatures are present. This difficulty in targeted selection can generate moments of frustration and contribute to making certain missions that require capturing specific creatures annoying. Despite this, it’s important to acknowledge that, overall, it’s still possible to develop a diverse group of creatures by the end of the game, despite the challenges encountered along the way.

Army Upgrading and Enhancement

Adore provides multiple ways to empower and enhance your army of followers, opening various paths of progression. While acknowledging that at times, a bit of patient dedication might be required in completing repetitive tasks, the result of this effort translates into steady advancement. Each individual creature within your army undergoes individual growth as it gains experience and skills during battles, enabling you to develop a dynamic and diverse team.


An additional opportunity for customization arises through the use of essences, which can be employed to bestow extra abilities upon each creature. This feature proves particularly valuable when your group is composed of specific types of creatures, allowing you to create unique tactical combinations that align with your gameplay style.

Choosing wisely among the various creature categories, such as Beasts, Arcanes, and Mystics, can prove essential. In fact, this careful and discerning selection can open new strategic opportunities and significantly enhance your chances of survival in the hostile desert. The ability to adapt your team to ever-evolving challenges is crucial, making it important to invest time in understanding the unique characteristics of each creature type and fully exploiting their potential.

In summary, Adore offers an array of tools to empower your army of followers, demanding a blend of commitment and tactical planning. The range of options, coupled with the potential for customization through essences, contributes to creating a dynamic and engaging gaming experience, where the precise choice of creatures plays a fundamental role in determining the success of your adventures in the desert.

Material Gathering

Material gathering in Adore is a crucial gameplay element. To empower both your army and the protagonist, Lukha, you need to collect pieces and materials. Each expedition you partake in will list specific items you’ll find during exploration, including special orbs, resources, and materials. These items are essential for strengthening your creature army and improving your abilities. The orbs provide stat bonuses and special skills for creatures. Missions involve entering different “rooms” full of monsters and eliminating them all until no sign of life remains. However, this gameplay loop can become repetitive and monotonous over time. Despite the challenges, material collection adds strategic depth to the game, requiring planning and considered decisions.



Another aspect contributing to the feeling of repetitiveness is the soundtrack. Each creature-hunting expedition features the same music loop that repeats based on the area you’re exploring. This element can quickly become dull and impact the overall immersion. A well-designed soundtrack can enrich the gaming experience, convey emotions, and highlight epic moments. However, when the soundtrack becomes repetitive and lacks variety, it can become a distraction rather than a positive element. This aspect might be one of the areas to work on to improve Adore’s overall experience, helping to maintain players’ interest in the long run.


Despite its ambitions and interesting concept, Adore faces significant challenges that compromise the overall experience. The unengaging gameplay and the lack of exceptionally positive elements to praise lead to an experience that might not meet expectations. Although the captivating setting and art design are undoubtedly remarkable, Adore fails to deliver the desired level of engagement and fun. Repetitiveness in gameplay and the soundtrack further contribute to this challenge.


“Adore is an ambitious Brazilian indie game that attempts to bring faster and more dynamic action to the monster collection game genre. Created by the developers Cadabra Games, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, Switch, and PC. However, despite the interesting game concept, “Adore” presents a series of challenges that influence the overall experience.”


  • Innovative Concept: Adore seeks to bring a new perspective to the monster collection genre, offering faster and more dynamic action.
  • Captivating Setting: Adore’s setting is one of its strengths, with worlds and creatures inspired by myths and legends that contribute to creating a magical and captivating atmosphere.
  • Variety of Modes: The game offers a variety of gameplay modes, from monster capture to combat arenas, adding diversity to the experience and embracing multiple genres, offering a collection, combat, and exploration experience.
  • Creature Management: Playing from a top-down perspective similar to DOTA, the creatures you’ve collected are assigned to one of your main buttons, offering a new way to manage your army of followers.


  • Unengaging Gameplay: The creature summoning mechanic fails to be satisfying, while the lack of initial guidance can make it difficult for players to get fully into the action.
  • Repetitiveness and Lack of Engagement: Despite the interesting game concept, “Adore” fails to offer a fulfilling experience. The gameplay becomes repetitive and unengaging in the long run. The constant repetition of the soundtrack contributes to this feeling.
  • Loot Distribution and Bonuses: Issues with how Adore distributes bonuses and loot. To collect creatures, you need particular orbs that you have to obtain on specific maps. It becomes tedious once you realize you have to scavenge for food, scrolls for expeditions, upgraded totems, and other ingredients to prepare for boss battles or heal your creatures.


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