They are searching for you. They will not relent until you are dead.

Unknown Tapes

Unknown Tapes is the latest analog horror video game developed by Traviteam Games, a small Italian video game studio comprising two talented developers driven by the desire to create games that leave a lasting impression on players’ minds and hearts.

Previously involved in the development of Scroter, a small local PVP video game focused on physics, traps, and speed, released on April 7, 2023 (available at the following link on Steam), the promising Italian team is currently hard at work on various projects. These include the rogue-like card game Resurrect and the sci-fi rogue-like Planetgore. However, the project that has captivated us the most is undoubtedly Unknown Tapes, perhaps their most ambitious game among those currently in development, which we will delve into today.

Resurrect - Traviteam Games
A screenshot of Resurrect, the upcoming horror card game with rogue-like mechanics developed by Traviteam Games

What is Unknown Tapes?

Inspired by the subgenre of horror known as “analog horror,” based on the found footage film technique, and lost media content, Unknown Tapes is a gripping and chilling horror video game with a high level of photorealism, poised to immerse players in an authentic oasis of terror. Featuring low-definition graphical rendering reminiscent of 1990s videotapes and an accurate simulation of a real camera’s behavior, including realistic movements and interferences, the game offers a uniquely immersive experience that feels remarkably true to life.

The game aims to build palpable tension and provide players with unpredictable surprises, drawing inspiration from both analog videos of Jurassic Park and mysterious lost content found on the internet.

Unknown Tapes

In Unknown Tapes, players are thrust into a horrific and desolate place where they must confront—or more accurately, flee fromthe clutches of dinosaurs in a chilling context permeated by darkness, devoid of almost any kind of landmarks. The protagonist’s goal is to cautiously navigate this hostile environment until (hopefully) reaching safety, armed only with a camera and a flashlight. However, to his misfortune, the flashlight’s beam will only illuminate certain parts of the surroundings, leaving the rest shrouded in total darkness, thus exposing players to the lurking horrors of the night.

Naturally, if you think that darkness is your only enemy, you are completely mistaken. Your true adversaries and primary threats will be the dinosaurs, ranging from smaller species like the Velociraptor to true legends, including the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most lethal creatures ever to have roamed the planet Earth. Every step, every noise, every breath could prove fatal. Furthermore, as you may have guessed, the darkness will only further complicate matters, making the hunt for prey even more exhilarating, at least for the dinosaurs.

Unknown Tapes

How to survive in the Jungle

Is it possible to survive in Unknown Tapes without resorting to firearms? Probably not, unless you are cunning enough to avoid encounters with your hungry assailants. For this very reason, Traviteam Games recently announced the introduction of a defensive tool that will prove to be a valuable ally during your journey: a handgun.

However, it’s too early to start celebrating. Throughout the adventure, ammunition will be extremely limited and strategically placed only in locations where the use of the handgun is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, large-sized dinosaurs, such as the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, will be completely invulnerable to bullets. Therefore, the handgun should be considered as a tool of utmost necessity, to be used only when no other alternatives are available.

For example, you could use it to resolve more complicated situations, such as eliminating Velociraptors that have infiltrated a building, or firing a shot to lure a dinosaur to a specific point. However, it’s crucial to remember that using the weapon against a T-Rex would not only be ineffective but also highly counterproductive!

Unknown Tapes

Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that larger dinosaurs will not hesitate to demolish the buildings where you’ll be hiding and the structures where you’re seeking refuge. Therefore, our advice for you is to be extremely cautious. Never make the mistake of feeling safe outdoors, nor in enclosed places such as crumbling buildings or abandoned old structures.

Our expectations for Unknown Tapes

Undoubtedly, we believe it’s necessary to await further information before making any preliminary judgments about the game. From what we’ve seen in the materials released by the developers, the project seems to have good potential and, if the developers continue on this path, Unknown Tapes could emerge as a true gem for enthusiasts of analog horror.

The key will be understanding the developers’ approach to the survival and stealth mechanics of the title, as well as how they will handle the integration and implementation of dinosaur artificial intelligence, particularly in response to sudden events and specific player actions.

The project draws inspiration from key sources such as Dino Crisis and Jurassic Park for its main theme, and Outlast for its exemplary use of the camera by Red Barrels in the series. These influences will undoubtedly serve as vital touchstones for the development team. However, our hope is that the game preserves its unique identity and the vision of its creators, rather than simply being remembered as a blend of these acclaimed productions.

However, at least for now, we haven’t seen any of that. Despite drawing clear inspiration from Capcom’s remarkable survival horror, the project exudes style and, most importantly, is forging its own path without seeking to emulate anyone. Instead, it takes these examples as mere guiding lights from which the developers have been able to shape their vision, their project. And so far, we’re happy to say that they’re hitting the mark.

When will Unknown Tapes be available?

Currently, Traviteam Games has not yet announced a release date for Unknown Tapes. However, the developers recently announced that they will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which you can access through this link.

The campaign doesn’t have a set launch date yet, so if you’re interested in the project and want to support the developers, we suggest clicking the “notify me on launch” button on Kickstarter. This way, you’ll become a follower of the campaign and you’ll be notified directly through the app when the campaign goes live.

To learn more about the project and the development team, we invite you to visit Traviteam’s X account, their YouTube channel, or, if you prefer, join the studio’s Telegram channel.

And finally, we’d like to extend our best wishes to Traviteam Games for their development journey and the creation of Unknown Tapes!

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