In a video game industry often dominated by intense and competitive titles, Tiny Glade emerges as an oasis of tranquility and creativity.

Tiny Glade

Developed by the small Swedish studio Pounce Light, consisting of Anastasia Opara and Tomasz Stachowiak, both with considerable experience in the video game sector, Tiny Glade is a casual castle-building game that embraces the idea of relaxation and creative freedom.

Gameplay and Features

Tiny Glade stands out for its simplicity: there are no grids, resource management, or combat. Instead, the game focuses on real-time procedural generation, allowing players to freely build in a pleasant and relaxing environment. The gameplay of “Tiny Glade” is designed to be a solitary experience, offering players the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their creation.

The graphical style of “Tiny Glade” is described as pleasant and cute, almost like a painting. The goal is to create an experience that feels alive and reacts to what the player builds, with details like sheep wandering among the built walls or ivy enveloping the arches. Even the mouse cursor becomes part of the environment, interacting with the grass and insects.

Tiny Glade

Development and Origins

The story of Tiny Glade is that of a project born from passion. Anastasia Opara, known for her work in the field of procedural generation, started the game as a small experiment. Anastasia and Tom receiving positive feedback on Twitter and TikTok, where one of her videos reached over 9 million views. Motivated by this success, they left their jobs at a AAA game studio to focus full-time on developing their game

Tiny Glade

Tiny Gladewill be available on Steam in 2024. The game will require a 64-bit processor and operating system, Windows 10 or higher, an Intel Core i5 or equivalent, 4 GB of RAM, and 1 GB of available space.



Tiny Glade promises a refuge from the stress of modern life. A game that captures the essence of a tranquil summer day. The only goal is to build and create in serenity.

With its focus on visual and auditory beauty. It aims to offer players an experience that makes them smile, slow down, and find joy in building and creativity.

Passionate about video games from a young age, I combined my love for illustration and became a Twitch streamer. I am a creative individual who loves to share the joy of games and art with a close-knit community