Indie game developer Oatland Studio officially unveils The Morkels, an enchanting puzzle-platformer where players manipulate the environment to guide their Morkels to safety.

The Morkels

Switzerland-based indie game developer, Oatland Studio, has officially announced to be working on The Morkels, a delightful and super-cute puzzle-platformer adventure currently in the early stages of development.

Set in a vibrant world teeming with unique and richly-diverse landscapes, from magical forests and lush meadows to snow-capped mountains and frosty caverns, the game chronicles the whimsical misadventures of the Morkels. These quirky, tiny, adorable beings appear to hail from a fairy-tale realm, adorned with a subtle purple hue, a tiny hat atop their little heads, and a lantern to light their path. The Morkels are small, shy, and quite reserved, eager to explore the vast world around them.

Our goal in the game is simple: guide them safely back home.

The Morkels

However, it won’t be that easy, or so it seems. No monsters, fire-breathing dragons, or undead abominations rising from the depths of the earth. None of that. In The Morkels, at least for now, the primary “threat” players must be wary of is the setting, the environment, and nature itself.

Be mindful of where your Morkels tread, the mushrooms they touch, or the nature they might awaken. In essence, remain ever vigilant. Danger could be just around the corner!

The game puts emphasis on the environment, acting as the main character driving the narrative. According to the developers, players will have to control and manipulate the environment to advance their Morkels. This might involve creating escape routes, exit points, or simply clearing environmental obstacles from the path.

The setting and environment will indeed play a pivotal role throughout the adventure, especially in terms of progression route. This leads us to expect from Oatland Studio a complex and diverse level design, matching the quality and variety of the game world’s design, which has so far left us with more than positive impressions.

The Morkels
The core of the experience in The Morkels revolves around environmental interactions

Upon viewing the teaser trailer, what stood out most were the core concept and the aesthetic, especially the latter that lends the game its captivating fairy-tale-esque, cute look. All of this certainly bodes well for the title’s future. To learn more, we’ll simply have to wait.

For now, that’s all we know. For further details and information, including the release date, available platforms, and deeper insights, you’ll need to keep following us. Of course, don’t forget to visit Oatland Studio’s official website or alternatively, their X page. There, you can stay updated on all the specifics and get a closer look at the developers’ journey.

Thank you for joining us today. We leave you The Morkels’ teaser trailer, providing you with a first glimpse of the game. Enjoy watching!

The Morkels - Teaser Trailer
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