And there are still 20 days left until the end of the crowdfunding campaign!


AU$ 62,712 raised out of a goal of AU$ 60,000—about 39,007€ out of a goal of 37,321€—and nearly 1,100 backers. These are the impressive numbers achieved in just 10 days by the Kickstarter campaign for Pipsqueak!, the upcoming project from Australian independent developer Daniel Freer, founder of Pond Games.

This result was unexpected at the start of the campaign, but day by day, it steadily gained momentum, capturing the interest of hundreds of enthusiasts. Here are Daniel’s words, excited about the milestone just reached: “Hello everyone! Thank you all so so much for supporting Pipsqueak! We have just reached our funding goal, and then some! It’s hard to express how grateful I am, thank you – all 1000+ of you – so much.”

However, as the developer clarified, the journey is far from over. He is now asking himself and his supporters to take another step forward to achieve the new stretch goals: the first, set at AU$ 60,000, will allow the Dye Shop to open, enabling the merchant Taylor to create new color options for the hood of our fearless mouse, Tofu. Following that, with the achievement of the second stretch goal set at 75,000 AU$, a brand-new area will be added to the game: Coral Cove, a unique and diverse biome featuring sandy, watery, and rocky landscapes.

Details regarding the remaining stretch goals will be revealed once the initial milestones are reached. However, considering the current progress, achieving these goals seems quite feasible, with just over 2,000 AU$ left to hit the first stretch goal.


Developed by Daniel Freer in collaboration with Frogrammer and John Oestmann, Pipsqueak! is a challenging pixel art Metroidvania that narrates the adventures of Tofu, a small warrior mouse venturing alone into a hostile and decaying world.

Featuring complex and immersive gameplay, with exploration, platforming, and combat as its main strengths, Pipsqueak! challenges players to guide young Tofu through five distinct biomes, each with unique environmental mechanics.

Immerse yourself in a captivating mouse-sized world, forge friendships with other rodents, acquire abilities to explore previously inaccessible areas, and discover 20 combat-enhancing earrings to give Tofu an edge in battle.

For more details about Pipsqueak!, stay tuned with us and don’t forget, if you’re interested in the project, to support the Pipsqueak! campaign on Kickstarter. You still have 20 days left to contribute to the cause!

Furthermore, if you haven’t yet, check out the free demo now available on Steam for a preview of the full experience.

That’s all for today. See you soon, little explorers!

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