Devil May Cry is coming back with a new mobile game, Peak of Combat.

Only lucky players managed to get the first beta access of this well designed hack and slash game: Peak of Combat. Originally released exclusively in China and now worldwide. Capcom remains the publisher but NebulaJoy, helped by Little Devils (team Capcom of Devil May Cry), is the studio behind.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat - Trailer

What originally happened to the game

This Devil May Cry game has been revisited quite a lot in the last few years. In the beginning, the chinese studio NebulaJoy was named Yunchang Game, had plans to work on a new game with Capcom. Therefore, in 2021, Peak of Combat, also known as Pinnacle of Combat or Devil May Cry War of the Peak, was released just in China. Now, thanks to the change of heart of NebulaJoy, Peak of Combat’s translated beta, which was never initially released in other languages nor countries, is now prepared for testing on July 6th.

New plot

Dante and Vergil, a comical and bloody duos that try to kill each other since Sparda’s Death, are now ready to face new enemies and unveil a new mystery with the new entry Nero and the famous girl Lady, against this big guy and his lovely daughter that somehow managed to piss the protagonists.

Style and gameplay 

No differences between Devil May Cry and Peak of Combat so far, only the platform changes, that means it’s still a hack-and-slash, in this case for mobile users. Classic and reworked combos for every character, same airborne combos, same weapons and styles, Devil Trigger added and moreover, Vergil, Lady, and the new entry Nero are free and already playable in the beta too. Nero has the dmc4 old style while the “adult hunters” take dmc3 fashion.

Peak of Combat
Peak of Combat

If you guys were impressed by Devil May Cry Peak Of Combat’s trailer and still want to try it out before its official release, the Open Beta, on July 6th, requires a pre-registration on their official site.

For those who’ll get the beta’s access more gifts will be added to the weekly event. Nero will be collected as well, so the fans that were happy to play first as him will have to wait a bit more sadly, he’s not in the roster yet because it happens to be the last reward of the weekly event.

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