Discover with us the latest Gameplay Overview of Paralives, which is coming to Steam in 2025. All the new mechanics and features to come

Paralives arrives in 2025

The wait is over for all virtual life simulation fans! We are happy to announce that Paralives will arrive in 2025 making its Early Access debut on Steam. While the exact date has yet to be confirmed, excitement is running high as we get closer to the long-awaited release.

Paralives will arrive in 2025

Early Access will allow players to immerse themselves in the game before its fully polishing. While there may still be some missing features and there will definitely be bugs, Early Access will be the perfect time to give our valuable feedback and help shape the future of Paralives together with the community.

Despite some imperfections, we hope that the experience will still be exciting!

Lovers of character creation and house builders will have a wide range of tools and content at their disposal to express their creativity. And for those who love immersive stories, Live Mode will have all of its core features already established, allowing you to create epic narratives for your Parafolks!

Paralives arrives in 2025 - Early Access

But it doesn’t end here! During the Early Access phase, frequent updates will be released to fix bugs. There will be additions of new content. Plus there will be an integration of the missing features such as: cars, bikes, pets, weather, seasons and much more. And don’t worry about paid DLC, because the developers have decided that all updates will always be free!

Get ready to experience an extraordinary adventure with Paralives. Join the growing community to shape the destiny of this exciting title!

Gameplay overview video

The latest update for the Paralives world has arrived with a video of only (but exhaustive) 7 minutes. We follow the life of  Anisa, a new Townie who has just moved to the city. The video takes us through what we can expect when Paralives arrives in 2025. Through Anisa’s journey, we discover how Parafolk can define their personality, find a job, develop skills and build relationships.

Let’s see them together with the features shown in the video:

Parafolks personality

Create your Para’s personality and see how it impacts gameplay. We will have points at our disposal at the start of the game to “spend” for the physique, mind, creativity and charisma categories. We will also have a maximum of 3 bars available for each.

Paralives arrives in 2025 - Parafolks personalities

Also during the creation of our character we can assign:

  • Vibe: overjoyed, grumpy, gloomy, energetic, serious, anxious, peaceful, jester
  • Social Perk: good at/ being alone/ making friends/ caring for others/ in romantic relationships/ with family/ in cooperation
  • Talent: Jack of All Trades, Music, Fitness, Food, Technology, Visual Arts, nothing
  • Lifestyles: Vegetarian, cleanliness habits, sleeping habits

Pay the bills (if you can…)

The creators of Paralives wanted to make the game as close to reality as possible, for better or for worse. To pay “high” bills, we will have to find a way… the most classic one is to find a job. Visit the city and look for one! Each career requires a specific rank to accept. Entry level jobs require less application points.

Paralives arrives in 2025 - Pay the bills (if you can...)

Once you accept the job, move up the ladder! Earn points and improve your job thanks to upgrades. Our Para, Anisa, works as a bartender and just got a point. She, now, can spend them on: job rank, customer service, listening to music while working (also improves musical knowledge). By continuing in her career it will be possible to unlock Expertises and Extras.

Relationship labels

Develop relationships in unique and exciting ways! In Paralives, relationships aren’t just a progress bar. Instead, they are more specific labels that you unlock as you play. These labels update so players can customize each relationship.

Relationship labels

Two Parafolk are more than just “friends,” or “roommates,” or just “family members.” They may have a multitude of labels representing their relationship. They may have friends to hang out with. Or, friends with whom they can share their secrets and deepest insecurities. Or they may often go fishing with one of their colleagues or have a secret crush on the lady who works at the library. All these concepts become Labels.

Here are some labels we might have in the game:

Family ties: mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, cousin, etc

Friendship types: Friend, Trustee, Cooking Buddy, Party Partner, etc

Romantic Relationships: Love Interest, Secret Crush, Lovers, Married, etc

Professional connections: boss, colleague, business partner, etc

Enemies: rival, bad neighbor, bad ex, etc

To represent multifaceted and evolving relationships, if two Parafolk are high-level in two specific labels, you may have the opportunity to unlock what are called Combo Labels. These are powerful labels with better game effects and bonuses. Some examples could be:

Friend + Confidant = Close Friend

Colleague + creative friend = Productive couple

Friend + Rival = Friend-Enemy

Friend + Mom = Best Friend Mom

Close friend + lover = Life partner

When two Parafolk have combined labels, you know they have a history together!

Cards Together

When Paras interact together, from time to time, you can choose how the conversation develops and how their overall relationship evolves. This is what the developers call “Together Cards”. Select a card together to develop the relationship as you want.

Paralives - Gameplay Overview

For example, we could have: formal introduction, introducing yourself as new in town, complimenting your guitar technique and many more. By doing so you will unlock the relationship labels (acquaintance – friend). This mechanic introduces another parameter, the “Together Bar,” which takes an hour to fill up.

Group interactions

Union is an important feeling that in Paralives emerge as much as possible, so selecting multiple characters and ordering them to perform any interaction together has been simplified. Select by clicking and dragging an area with multiple Paras to start group activities.

Group interactions

Then select by clicking on things or the environment to perform group actions; like talking, training etc… Group interactions are also great for learning more about the citizens you meet, try asking them about their careers, for example.

Needs and wants in Paralives

See your Para’s thoughts to help them have a great day! Paralives, instead of showing a list of needs bars and a list of desires/emotions, shows a single list of our Parafolk’s current thoughts.

Needs and wants in Paralives

Wants are things your character craves to accomplish. In Paralives, different wishes are dynamically given to Paras. They act as small goals that can be achieved and appear in the thought list, just like needs.

We have reached the end of this article where we talk about the gameplay overview of Paralives and its mechanics. And if the game has particularly captured you, you can find out more with our dedicated article. Stay with us so you don’t miss future updates of Paralives arriving in 2025!

Good Game everybody!

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