We comment on the first look at Monster Chef, an all-Italian Indie with a dual soul

Monster Chef - A look to the Trailer

Today we welcome you to the succulent world of Monster Chef, an Indie creation by the Italian Studio Pizza. The game will be available for PC but a release date is not yet available. The title presents itself with a dual soul, hack n slash and management. What’s cooking, Chef? – Discover it with us below.

The Monster Chef of the Woods

Cook beastly recipes for your diners! With a wide choice of over 1000+ unique and special recipes. As the good Chef, Pranzo, we will source only the best in terms of ingredients – the woods is an excellent hunting and gathering ground. Full of creatures of the most disparate sizes and appearances; test your skills in the hack n slash soul of Monster Chef! Hone your skills as a warrior and chef simultaneously, unlocking powerful abilities. So that Pranzo will be able to serve delicious lunches to elves, dwarves, orcs and hungry humans who frequent his inn.

Il Monster Chef del bosco
(Cook & Cut, Manage the restaurant, unlock powerful skills)

As we said in the introduction to Monster Chef, the beauty is precisely this double facade. Which combines hack n slash with a more management spirit. Hunt, cook and run your own restaurant; with classic elements of order taking, time management and cleaning. The pressing rhythm of the fighting is thus broken.

From this first look at the Trailer, we already find the game interesting, which captivates us with this peculiar duality presented with lightness. All surrounded by colorful and cartoonish graphics. With a concise but appetizing trailer, Monster Chef tempts us to try it. We hope to be back soon to talk about it with other succulent news, keep following us so you don’t miss it!

Good Game everybody!

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