Developed by Vaulted Sky Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, Midnight Ghost Hunt is an asymmetrical multiplayer game blending shooter and brawler genres, released on PC on March 31, 2022.

Midnight Ghost Hunt - 1.0 Launch Date Trailer

The title enters the gaming scene with a fresh and original proposal, mixing elements typical of classic ghost hunting games with first-person shooter mechanics and a dash of healthy madness.

An adrenaline-fueled and tension-packed gameplay

Midnight Ghost Hunt severely tests the collaboration and strategy skills of two teams, each made up of four players: the Ghost Hunters and the Ghosts.

The Hunters’ goal is to locate and eliminate the Ghosts haunting a randomly generated map, using an arsenal of technological tools like EMF, infrared cameras, and salt crosses.

The Ghosts, on the other hand, aim to scare and hinder the Hunters by possessing objects, making eerie noises, and even attacking physically.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

The gameplay is characterized by its fast pace and the variety of tactics that each team can adopt. The Hunters must communicate effectively to coordinate their actions and make the most of each character’s abilities, while the Ghosts must devise clever strategies to spread terror and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses.

An immersive atmosphere and a touch of dark humor

The setting of Midnight Ghost Hunt is characterized by gloomy and dark scenarios, which contribute to creating an atmosphere of tension and suspense.

The design of the maps is varied and rich in details, with elements that recall typical places of the paranormal imagination such as abandoned asylums, cemeteries, and old Victorian houses.

The touch of originality is given by the dark humor that permeates the game, evident both in the character design and in their interactions.

Ghosts can take the appearance of common objects to deceive the Hunters, while the latter can use rather bizarre methods to capture their spectral enemies, such as shooting them with saltwater guns or chasing them with vacuum cleaners.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

An ever-evolving experience

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a title in continuous expansion, with new content and regular updates.

The developers at Vaulted Sky Games show great attention to community feedback, implementing changes and improvements based on player requests.

This ensures a constantly evolving and always fresh gaming experience, with new challenges and modes to discover.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

In conclusion, Midnight Ghost Hunt presents itself as a unique and entertaining gaming experience, cleverly blending elements of different genres to offer an adrenaline-fueled, tension-filled gameplay sprinkled with a good dose of dark humor. If you are looking for a title that offers unforgettable evenings with your friends, Midnight Ghost Hunt is definitely an option not to be underestimated.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

“Developed by Vaulted Sky Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, Midnight Ghost Hunt is an asymmetrical multiplayer game blending shooter and brawler genres, released on PC on March 31, 2022.”


  • Adrenaline-fueled and tension-rich gameplay: The fast pace and variety of tactics make each match unique and engaging.
  • Immersive atmosphere and a touch of dark humor: The gloomy setting and dark humor create an original and fun gaming experience.
  • An ever-evolving experience: New content and regular updates ensure a constantly fresh gaming experience
  • Great choice for group play: Midnight Ghost Hunt is the perfect title for unforgettable evenings with friends.


  • Somewhat steep learning curve: Beginners might find the gameplay a bit complex to master at first.
  • Technical issues: The game suffered from some bugs and connection problems upon release, although the developers are working to fix them.
  • Lack of content: At launch, the game featured a limited number of maps and game modes.
  • Graphics not outstanding: The graphics are simple and not up to today’s standards.


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