The independent game studio Neostream Interactive reassures us through a new gameplay footage that Little Devil Inside hasn’t vanished; it’s alive and still exists, despite it all…

Little Devil Inside

After nearly 7 years since Neostream Interactive’s last update on X and almost 10 years since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, we can finally say it: Little Devil Inside still exists, it’s alive, and it has finally reappeared in a new gameplay trailer, unveiling fresh and unseen sequences of the delightful action-adventure from the South Korean game studio founded by the Lee brothers, Kody and J.J.

This update fuels our hopes for the future of the title, which, apparently, is still in development and has by no means been cancelled—contrary to what many may have assumed until just a few days ago.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what the development team has communicated and delve into all the latest details and news about Little Devil Inside!

The studio’s update on Kickstarter

Officially announced on Steam Greenlight in April 2015, followed by a highly successful Kickstarter campaign where the team surpassed their $250,000 goal, raising $306,515 AU with the support of 5,126 backers, Little Devil Inside captured our attention then, as it does today, with its mesmerizing visuals and unique, quirky concept—an action-adventure unlike few others in the gaming industry.

Subsequently, Little Devil Inside was showcased in various impressive gameplay footage, including at the PlayStation State of Play event in 2021, leading us to believe that the project was well underway in development and the release date was imminent.

Little Devil Inside - State of Play Oct 2021 Trailer | PS5

However, since then, the project has almost completely disappeared from our radar. There have been no further updates or communications from Neostream Interactive, which is concerning, particularly regarding the project’s future. That is, until the update published on Kickstarter just a few hours ago from Neostream, which we report below:

“Dear all,

Began with a dream of two brothers.
You supported.
We became a team, then grew into a company and tried many hands to make light work.

Along the way in all efforts to making a great game, many great people have come and gone.
People with respectable but different purposes and pursuits.

In sharing these differences and thoughts, we were sometimes touched and moved and sometimes in conflict.
We are responsible for not being able to embrace the differences.

And of course, sincere apologies to you all.

So now, we’re back to a smaller, bonded team with a single, common purpose – just to make a great game.

And all our core founding and starting members still here with the duty and conscience to fulfill what we set out to do.

We know this doesn’t and shouldn’t justify for all the delays and lack of news but we’re still here, have been and always will be.

Equipped with one tide turning fact – having gone the long way around, we are stronger. Much stronger.

We have genuinely started discussions regarding publishing and once this clears out, hopefully we’ll be able to answer what everyone wants to know.

Here, we’ve just strung together a series of gameplay clips representative of what we have been working on in the UE5 engine.

Thank you all.
For everything.

We’ve not forgotten. Never will.”

In light of this communication, which sheds some more light on Neostream’s plans and offers a glimpse into the future of both the studio and their IP, the community has become quite divided. There are messages of support and encouragement, as well as others that are a bit more skeptical and doubtful about whether the game will actually be released.

“Despite all”

Although the video lacks any description, the gameplay footage of Little Devil Inside offers a closer look at some gameplay sequences and the vast open-world system crafted by the developers. It showcases compelling exploration phases, combat sequences, detailed map views, and seamless transitions between the map and the lively world, all accompanied by the same stunning aesthetic that has enchanted us since the beginning.

However, the video does not provide a release date or window. This means that to learn more, we’ll simply have to await the next updates on the game, which, according to the developers, will be available for PC and consoles including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, as well as for Wii U, unless otherwise communicated by the team.

Hoping that Neostream will soon provide a release window or new information, we leave you to enjoy the trailer and remind you that you can follow all updates on the game by following us and visiting the studio’s official website or the game’s official X account.

Enjoy the trailer!

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