A new chapter opens in the realm of indie gaming as Indie Games Devel officially announces a partnership with Drope.me.

With a spirit of collaboration in the air, this alliance aims to elevate the Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023 to exceptional levels. Drope.me invites indie game developers, passionate gaming communities, and streamers to join in a collective celebration of creativity and innovation

Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023

Get ready for a fantastic year end celebration with Drope.me, influencer marketing platform that connects gaming brands, micro-streamers, and their communities, and its Indie Game Awards.

This event aims to highlight indie game developers and bring together passionate gamers and streamers. As we approach the holiday season, Drope.me is ready to praise and reward everyone participating in the Indie Game Awards, whether they are indie game developers, streamers, or part of their fantastic communities.

After community members submit indie games, they receive points that can be used to participate in Drops and win exciting prizes. Dive into the chance to win Steam gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Riot keys for Valorant and League of Legends, Fortnite V-Bucks, and even acclaimed titles like Baldur’s Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Hogwarts Legacy, and many more!

The community driven energy, crafted to capture the atmosphere of the gaming industry and indie game developers, will guide the Indie Game Awards. Recognizing their crucial role in advancing gaming, Drope.me extends an invitation to indie game developers, streamers, and gaming enthusiasts of all kinds. It’s time to showcase your best indie games of 2023. Whether you’re a developer creating fantastic games, a streamer producing captivating content, or a fan passionate about indie creations, jump on board now. Nominate your favorite indie game of the year, compete for fantastic prizes, and be part of a celebration that reflects the lively spirit of the indie gaming crew.

How It Works: Nominate, Vote, Win!

Submission Period (Up to December 5): Submit your own or your favorite indie game until December 5. Indie developers, take center stage by submitting your creations and encouraging fans to do the same. These awards cover all indie games released in 2023 on PC, mobile, and Roblox. Multiple submissions are welcome. Streamers, amplify your influence by applying for a streamer campaign, inviting your viewers to join, and earning rewards.

Indie Games Award Categories:

  • Game of the Year: Best indie game of 2023
  • Dreamy Crush: Favorite indie game character of 2023
  • Lobby Created: Best co-op indie game of 2023
  • Week in Hell: The most challenging indie game of 2023
  • Meme Game: The indie game of 2023 with the funniest jokes

Voting Period: From December 6 to December 19, cast your votes for the shortlisted indie games. The five indies submitted most frequently in each category will make it to the shortlist. Return to vote and stand a chance to win one of the five games crowned the best in each category.

Winners Announcement :

The summit of the Indie Game Awards unfolds on December 20 with a live Twitch awards ceremony revealing the winning games in each category. If you’re a game developer whose creation reigns supreme, you’ll receive exclusive goodies from Drope.me.

Drope.me‘s Indie Game Awards, with these five categories, enclose the essence of the 2023 gaming scene. Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to this memorable event and share your favorite indies with the world.
Join Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023 by submitting your favorite indie games here:

Drope.me Indie Games Awards
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