Analysis of a series synonyms of innovation in the gaming industry

Valve, in 2004, returned with the sequel to the best first-person shooter/horror ever created.

The launch was a remarkable event because the largest number of players blocked Steam for the first time, and the download time was very long.

Half Life 2 has just shocked the players with the beautiful tech demo of E3 2003.

This demo shows the incredible work done with the source engine and the innovative techniques of physics simulation, remarkable still today.

Valve developed a sequel with characters that are too easy to get affected by (don’t do too much…).

Alyx vance Is the new companion and the daughter of the doctor Eli Vance of the first chapter.

Alyx assumes the role of a guide for Gordon in his trip through City 17 and its surroundings.

Places are always characteristic and dangerous,like the mysterious Ravenholm.

During Gordon’s journey, there are many open road sections with vehicles.

One of these is with an airboat, and one is a long trip on Highway 17 with a buggy.

Half Life is the symbol of innovation in gaming.

Valve, with any chapters or expansions of Half Life, has always successfully created a new standard in the industry.

In the first chapter, the introduction of a new narration system in first person.

One of the most iconic sections is the train moving through Black Mesa

The dialogues and free interactions that the player can have during the entire experience are only some of the innovations brought by Valve.

The impressive A.I. of the marines still strikes today.

Half Life 2 in 2004 showed the most important innovations in the industry,like the physics simulations and the extremely accurate system of facial expression (the same used by Pixar in those years).

In the tech demo of E3 2003, there’s the iconic sequence of the changing expression of the g-man.

Half Life G-man

The first innovation is the physics simulation in an extremely realistic way, thanks to the new engine source engine, which allowed a great variety of approaches for solving environmental puzzles, fighting, and exploration.

The last important innovation is the improved AI for the companions (soldiers who can follow some orders and Alyx in the two expansions).

The combine can attack in many ways, adapting to the player’s strategies in unpredictable ways.

Half Life Alyx and the Future of VR 

Valve has launched on the market valve index a new VR visor with an advanced control system, surpassing the competitors.

In the gift with the purchase was included Half Life Alyx the prequel to Half Life 2 who changed completely the situation of the VR gaming market.

Launching the first AAA VR, Alyx brings the experience of VR to a new level of immersivity, giving the player full environment control.

The players have the possibility to move some objects to search for ammo or solve puzzles with the hacking tool of Alyx, interacting physically with the system.

For example, in gunfighting, it is possible to use the environment to take advantage, like getting cover by opening a car door.

Valve through the source engine give a new life to indie development 

Through the source engine, a powerful tool of development, small and medium developers can create little or big wonders,like the excellent and original mods for Half Life.

Many mods have become complete games, like Team Fortress (one of the mods for the first Half Life).

A particular case Is the biggest project BLACK MESA.

With the purpose of remaking the first Half Life using the source engine.

Black Mesa After many years obtained the full support of Valve and Is launched on Steam.

An excellent remake that amplifies the best features of the original.

The source has become a tool for everyone with the sandbox Garry’s Mod, which has become in a short time a forge of ideas and projects that still today populate YouTube and Steam.

Half Life and Half Life 2 are purchasable on Steam with all expansions.

Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

In waiting for a mysterious third chapter of the series, I advise recovering this series, which still remains one of the milestones of the entire industry today.

A series to take inspiration for the love and soul used in any detail of the opera.

Good luck, gamers!

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