Dave the Diver meets Dredge. MINTROCKET and Black Salt Games join forces with a free DLC. What will be hidden in the depths this time?

Dave the Diver and Dredge are two titles that have expressed the concept of fishing games in a very original way. Both released in 2023 they received great success from both critics and the public. Despite the commonalities such as the playing time marked by the passing of days and the day/night cycle, they have a different approach to the genre.

The first is full of management elements with minigames inside. All with the presence of over the top characters. The other is a dark journey through the fog and a mutant fish fauna. Here too we will meet characters, but decidedly more sinister and disturbing.

Let’s try to explain better how the two titles work so as to understand how they are integrated.

Dave the Diver X Dredge

In the MINTROCKET’s game we are Dave, a diver who spends his day between diving in the Blue Hole and working at the sushi restaurant. On day dives we can catch fish with our harpoon. In the evening we will take the catch to the restaurant and there we will help serve the dishes. Our routine will be broken by encounters both at the bottom of the sea and in the restaurant, so as to unlock new events, stories and new activities to manage.

In Dredge we will have to guide our boat through mysterious archipelagos, fishing and dredging the seabed in search of obscure artifacts. We will have to be careful, especially at night since the sea hides dark creatures and presences. Plus the fog will hinder us and undermine our mental health.

Obviously the experience given by the titles is very different, making this DLC more interesting. If you are curious, read our Dredge review.

DLC Content

First we will have a new atmospheric condition: fog. During a foggy night in the Blue Hole, a new character known as the Traveling Merchant will visit us. This is the beginning of the DLC.

We will be able to command the boat. Previously the boat only served as a “portal” to move to various areas of the game. Now Dave can drive the boat into the Blue Hole on foggy nights.

We will be able to dredge the seabed in specific points. Furthermore, different types of aberrant fish will appear in each location.

We can also dive in 3 new locations during foggy nights.

The Drain Gun: a new weapon that can be purchased in game.

Some hooded figures will visit the Sushi restaurant to order aberrant fish dishes.

DAVE THE DIVER X DREDGE Official Trailer - Free DLC on Dec. 15

How to Access the DLC

Once the content has been downloaded, it is necessary to reach a specific point in the game. After unlocking the Chicken farm, we have to let a few days pass in the game before arriving at the foggy night. After that we can play the content.

The DLC is already available and FREE, what are you waiting for? Dive in, if you dare!

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