The return of the cursed writer…

The cursed sequel

With the great launch of Alan Wake on Xbox 360 and his two expansions, Remedy has created one of the most impressive and well-written horror experiences in the survival horror world.

Alan Wake

Sam Lake, writer and narrative director of Remedy, started work on a possible sequel for Alan Wake in the later years.

Microsoft gives a very low budget for the sequel, and for this reason, Remedy creates the spin-off “American Nightmare,” a not-canonical game in the Alan Wake universe. Remedy always has plans for the sequel.

In the sequel, Remedy gives life to the Remedy-connected universe. Starting with the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, from now on,all games of Remedy are connected in a complex universe. Based on the central theme of “control”.

Organization of the control sistem:

Max Payne: reflexes,slow motion

Quantum break: time

Control: dimensions and paranormal events,

Alan Wake: dark and light

After a long time of silence and the launch of Control, Sam Lake announced that he was working on a new game. In the Xbox showcase of 2021, Sam Lake launched the Alan Wake 2 announcement trailer, and this was a very important moment for all fans. After 13 years, all the fans can finally have the sequel they desired and awaited for a long time.

Alan Wake

From Shadows to light, the birth of Alan wakes

The first Alan Wake was a very advanced project at the start. The game was designed to be an open-world horror survival game, with the world being dangerous at night, like in the base game. After three years, the game changed completely in direction, and the focus became the story, told like a TV series. The game was completed after five years of development.

Alan Wake takes a lot of inspiration from the novels of Stephen King and the TV series Twin Peaks. Some situations in the game are completely inspired by this historical material, like the attack with an axe in the roulotte.

That scene uses the same framing as Stanley Kubrick’s movie Shining. The First Alan Wake used a new combat system mechanic for the time: the torch light and gun system.

Combined with the advanced effects and power of the PC and Xbox 360 at the time, Alan Wake was a masterpiece of graphics and technology at that time.

The game was originally released on May 14, 2010.

The exploration of the new trailer

Alan Wake 2 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Sam Lake, in a video after the launch of the gameplay trailer. I have analyzed in detail all the new things shown in that trailer.

The first important thing he underlined was that Alan Wake 2 is a sequel, but at the same time a stand-alone project, and you do not need to play the original game to understand it. There’s a complete change in the type of horror used in the narration.

This time remedy uses psychological horror and more intelligent and original solutions to create tension in different situations. Completely in contrast with the actual massive horror games that only Jump scares.

New characters are introduced in this chapter:

The two FBI agents, Saga Anderson, a new playable character and not a casual character, the agent Alex Casey.

Casey Is a character of the most important books of Alan wake in his career, it’s very probably have an important role in the story.

Saga and Alan are playable in all the games. With Saga, we resolve the mysteries of some ritualistic murders, and with Alan, we try to find a way to escape from the dark dimension.

A reality created by the fantasy and words written by Alan. Alan this time needs to explore a dark, distorted New York and escape from his nightmare after ten years of trying.

Alan Wake

The most original collaboration in gaming history

Microsoft and Remedy collaborated with Energizer for the first game. In a game where the light is essential to survival, a good battery for the torch light is a great idea. In the game, there’s packs of  batteries of Energizer and some billboards with the logo. This type of product placementwas  a good way to introduce some advertisements in games. But that was another era with another vision of the future of the gaming sector.

Alan Wake 2 open the Road to control 2

Sam Lake has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 prepares for the sequel of Control.

like the DLC AWE does the same with Alan Wake 2.

It’s probably the Federal Bureau of Control that can appear in Alan Wake 2.

Maybe some effects caused by the Dark Place can cause some altered world events and attract entities like the Hiss, the enemy of control.

Everything needs to be confirmed.

The release date is very close.

Bright falls await you…

on 27 of October!

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