Rolling Cat Studio’s newest indie title, Red Line, arrives on Steam in the coming weeks. We tried the demo for you and are ready to present it to you

Red Line: Release Date Announcement Trailer

交界线 Red Line is a story-driven horror game with moderate puzzles. The Rolling Cat Studio contributes to the development of the game while Indienova deals with its marketing.

The release date is scheduled for July 20, 2023, on the Steam platform.

Some information about Rolling Cat Studio

Rolling Cat Studio is a game development studio that has released games available on the Unity Asset Store and Steam. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much information readily available about the studio other than the fact that it has been developing games. We managed to discover more curiosities:

  • Rolling Cat Studio is a professional game studio aiming to make games easier and more enjoyable
  • Rolling Cat Studio is also listed as a game developer on Steam, although no specific information about the studio is provided on SteamDB
  • It seems that Rolling Cat Studio has not yet gained much exposure or publicity in the game development community

However, the studio’s presence on reputable platforms such as the Unity Asset Store and Steam suggests that it is a legitimate development studio with growth potential.

“Your Best Indie Games Friend from China”

That’s the motto of Indienova, a game publisher and developer community known for their work in supporting independent game developers. Particularly in the English-Chinese localization and publishing market. They aim to present the best indie games to gamers by helping developers find their target audience.

They have collaborated with various developers, including White Lake Studio, and have released titles such as Arrog and Wenjia. Their portfolio showcases a range of indie games. Their editorial services aim to streamline the process for developers by managing promotion and exposure.

Red Line - Indienova Editor

With their focus on supporting indie game developers and their presence as a publisher on Steam, Indienova plays a role in promoting and contributing to the indie game ecosystem.

Their commitment to spreading gaming culture and facilitating communication between developers and players helps build a healthy ecosystem of indie games.

It all begins on a rainy day

It’s August 22, 2017, it’s raining. We play as a young girl, who has just moved into a squalid apartment. Something restless accompanies our protagonist, hidden secrets. We begin to explore the residence when we find a notebook that allows us to communicate with another world.

Thus begins an exciting adventure that takes place across multiple timelines. Through flashes and nightmares that blend with reality we find ourselves playing with two protagonists who are trapped in their own dilemmas.

Red Line - The Landlord

This diary represents the only thread that unites the various worlds. The protagonists then decide to collaborate, collect and analyze clues. Moved by a need to reveal the hidden truths that history has overlooked. By helping each other they find the way to redemption.

What to expect from the worlds of Red Line…

The player can control two protagonists, initially we will have Yang Lerong and Chen Suian at our disposal. They communicate thanks to the diary (the same one) that each one has in its timeline. The two girls interact with different residents, investigate objects, solve puzzles. We have at our disposal an inventory in which we will collect all the objects useful for the investigation. In our apartment we can carry out searches on the PC and then report everything in the diary. The latter is essential because it contains all the notes that the protagonists obtain from their timelines and that jointly lead to the resolution of the puzzles that seem to bind, worlds so distant from each other.

Red Line - Solving Puzzles

This allows them to unlock memories and piece together clues to reveal the truth of the past. By recreating some moments spent in the apartment, solve the regrets and obsessions of the characters which helps them embark on the next journey.

What come in the future awaits for those trapped in the Red Line…

The characterizing elements of Red Line

  • Multiple Timelines: The game features a unique mechanic that allows players to move between different timelines. This allows them to gather clues and information from various perspectives, ultimately piecing together the bigger picture.
  • Compelling Narrative: 交界线 Red Line is known for its intriguing and complex storyline. The game delves into themes such as memory, identity and the consequences of choices. Players will encounter unexpected twists and turns as they follow the journeys of the protagonists.
  • Puzzles and Exploration: To progress through the game, players must engage in puzzle solving and exploration. They have to investigate their surroundings, interact with objects, and carefully analyze information. The puzzles range from logical challenges to more intricate puzzles, adding depth and immersion to the gameplay.
  • Atmospheric Ambience: The pixelated art style combined with eerie sound design creates an eerie atmosphere, enhancing the sense of suspense and mystery. The atmospheric elements aim to further immerse the players into the creepy world of the game.
  • Collaboration and Choices: Players control two protagonists, each with their own puzzles and dilemmas. Decisions made by one character can influence or intersect with the other, leading to branching paths and different outcomes. Collaboration and understanding between the two characters are key to unraveling the story.
  • Emotional Impact: 交界线 Red Line aims to evoke emotions in players through its inspiring narrative and character development. It explores deep-rooted issues and provides moments for reflection that go beyond the typical horror gaming experience.

The artistic style of Red Line

交界线 Red Line features a pixel art graphic style. The game uses a combination of low-resolution pixelated textures and retro-style animations to create a surreal atmosphere. The pixel art style is also used to enhance the horror elements of the game, creating a sense of unease and nightmare.

Additionally, the developers of 交界线 Red Line have incorporated a distinct color palette, relying heavily on a combination of dark and muted colors with occasional pops of bright colors for dramatic effect.

Red Line - A palette with dark colors to accentuate the horror effect

The use of color is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also plays a crucial role in setting the tone and mood of different scenes and timelines, giving it that mysterious and surreal quality.

Overall, 交界线 Red Line’s art style successfully captures the essence of the game’s narrative, themes, and tone, creating an immersive and distinctive visual experience.

What do we think about it…

交界线 Red Line offers a unique blend of horror, puzzle solving and storytelling. All appealing to gamers who enjoy atmospheric experiences and narrative-driven gameplay.

If like us you appreciate the aesthetics of Pixel Art, psychological horror and immersive storytelling, we guarantee that this game is absolutely worth exploring.

How to do? You can freely access the Demo available on the Steam platform.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the game will be released on July 20, 2023, so you will have the opportunity to try it and decide whether to put it in your wishlist.

Once again we have come to the end of this article. As always we are curious to find out what you think and if 交界线 Red Line is in your mood, so leave a comment and let us know yours.

We’ll be back soon with more news, I promise. Always stay up to date with us!

Good Game everyone!

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